Traducción de wrangle en Español:


discutir, v.

Pronunciación /ˈraŋɡ(ə)l//ˈræŋɡəl/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to wrangle (with sb) about/over sth discutir / reñir (con algn) por algo
    • There, they wrangled, argued and debated over the form the new government would take.
    • The tenant said the young men immediately started to wrangle with their neighbours and left the building only when the police intervened.
    • After much debate and wrangling we got the new bridge back in the mid-1980s.
    • That the situation has been intensified by wrangling over equipment is, however, entirely predictable.
    • The audience line-ups continue to lengthen every year with spectators wrangling to find a chair in the 500-seat theatre.
    • The couple, who are now living in rented accommodation in the village, spent most of last year wrangling with insurers.
    • Scientists have been wrangling for decades about the precise reasons why we age.
    • Unions and bosses have been wrangling for months within the company's western division over a new pay deal.
    • By the time you've finished arguing and wrangling though, you might feel like you need another holiday.
    • While politicians wrangle, rangers continue working in a dangerous climate, and the parks are getting trashed.
    • This is no time for wrangling but a moment for serious work.
    • There they cleared the brush, wrangled with the authorities, stretched their credit and built a house.
    • In another case, one couple has now been wrangling for a year with their builder over fixing a series of faults.
    • But wrangling over a £1m cash shortfall has delayed the plans by at least four to five months.
    • After a bit more wrangling, I decided that Mr. Manager had done me enough disservice to lose his service charge.
    • Councillors from all three parties in Bolton have been wrangling over political power since the local elections on May 1 left a hung council.
    • If realism is taken to mean ‘represents the world as it actually is’, then there is plenty of room for wrangling over what counts in this respect.
    • We wrangle over word choice, punctuation, and which is the fastest keyboard shortcut (scrolling vs. page down key).
    • This game was delayed for over a month due to wrangling over the venue, after the original fixture in Dublin fell foul of the weather.
    • The voting public was just getting interested in the debate when parties began wrangling about the costings on their manifestos.
  • 2EEUU

    (herd cattle)
    arrear ganado
    rejuntar ganado México
    • Later, he would join them riding, roping and wrangling cattle on the ranch.
    • He wintered for two years with mountain man Jake Hoover, then worked wrangling cattle.
    • Only yesterday, you'd have thought there was no way to wrangle that horse back into the barn.
    • He wrangled horses for the Confederacy during the Civil War.
    • Head for the open range and learn how to wrangle dogies.
    • Bertus, an implausibly mature 16-year-old, rides at the rear as second guide and helps wrangle the loose horses.


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    altercado masculino
    disputa femenino
    riña femenino