Traducción de wrecked en Español:


Pronunciación /rɛkt//rɛkt/



  • 1

    to be/feel wrecked estar/sentirse hecho polvo coloquial
    • I woke up briefly, but I was so tired, and he was wrecked, so we both crashed, I think.
    • And when you go do that you're so wrecked that you can't skate for a week.
    • I'm wrecked, haven't eaten in two days, and want my mommy.
    • With all this broken sleep, my husband and I are completely wrecked!
    • But he was tired, and his brother was wrecked too, so we taxied home.
    • Between tearing down walls and digging up floors I was always wrecked.
    • I am wrecked now and I have to drive to Tralee in a few hours which is a least a four hour drive.
    • I was trying to gee them up but I was wrecked after playing just 15 minutes which just emphasised for me the effort everybody had put in.