Traducción de wrench en Español:


arrancar, v.

Pronunciación /rɛn(t)ʃ//rɛn(t)ʃ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    he wrenched the gun from her hand le arrancó la pistola de la mano
    • he wrenched the door off its hinges desgoznó / desquició la puerta
    • you nearly wrenched my arm out of its socket! ¡casi me dislocas el brazo!
    • to wrench oneself away soltarse / zafarse de un tirón
    • On days like this I dream of wrenching the machine from the sockets and hauling it off my desk, showering useless pieces of paper and coffee cups and disks all over the cheap government carpet.
    • Jason came in and Jess's heart wrenched at his appearance but she refused to be softened towards him.
    • I carefully put the slip of paper back into my pocket and wrenched the shovel out of the ground.
    • He grabbed the doorknob and wrenched the door open.
    • A sudden cold wrenched my stomach, and I fought to keep from crying out.
    • His heart wrenched at the sound, for he knew whom it was behind the tears.
    • She groped through her pile of dirty clothes for her battered gym shoes and wrenched them on forcefully.
    • He held his breath and wrenched at the door, but it would not open.
    • The owner of the shovel grunted and wrenched another mound of dirt out of the ground.
    • She wrenched her bedroom door open and walked in, slamming it shut behind her.
    • With a final tug, Cedric heaved on the crossbow bolt, wrenching it free at last.
    • Like a flash, Dagnin leaps onto the table and wrenches his sword free.
    • She doesn't just take the stage - she grabs the camera, squeezes its neck like a tube of toothpaste, and wrenches every iota of power and pathos from every cell of her being to captivate the screen.
    • She wrenched her wrist away and backed away, trying to gather her wits.
    • Suddenly another pain wrenched her heart and she clutched her chest, gasping for air.
    • My idle hands proceeded to pound, wrench, twist, pry, and yank at anything I could get a hold on.
    • Releasing the clutch pedal suddenly, I floored the accelerator, and the wheels spun madly as I wrenched the steering wheel with all my might.
    • A few cars had smashed windscreens and the entrails of radios strewn over the seats and onto the pavement where the doors had been wrenched open.
    • Forcing a smile onto her face, Alicia grabbed the door handle and wrenched it open.
    • He jumped, sitting bolt upright, and her heart wrenched at the sight of him.
  • 2

    (muscle) desgarrarse
    (joint) dislocarse
    • Naturally, I dashed back to the car, and promptly wrenched my ankle.
    • Upon getting up, he discovered that he'd wrenched his ankle, and couldn't put much weight on it.
    • She was badly injured and her spine was wrenched out of place.
    • So hold up your limp arms and steady your trembling knees and smooth out the path you tread; then the injured limb will not be wrenched, it will grow strong again.
    • In an effort not to crush them and/or avoid severe plastic pokey bit perforation of your foot, you will twist one way or the other and thus wrench your ankle.
    • A racer from Team Whole Foods Market wrenched her ankle immediately and vanished in the cloud of dust raised by the stampede.
    • I wrenched my ankle on the way out of the compound.
    • She wrenched her wrists trying to get them out of Jack's strong grasp.
  • 3wrenching present participle

    (sobs) desgarrador


  • 1

    • 1.1(twist, pull)

      tirón masculino
      jalón masculino Cono Sur América Latina
      to give sth a wrench darle / pegarle un tirón a algo
      • A sharp wrench to my shoulder and Jonathan forcibly pulling me to my feet shocked me.
      • Jo steeled herself, and with an almighty wrench pulled her legs free of Morgan's vice-like grip.
      • It is a bit plasticky inside, not helped by the rather dull colours used for the interior trim, but none of the seemingly ill-designed fittings actually came apart of their own accord, only after being given a hard wrench.
      • Most sprains happen from a sudden wrench or twist.
      • He ordered a loaf, watched as she slipped it into a bag, twisting the top with a wrench of her wrist.
      • I may venture to say, loosely, that in Judo there is a sort of counter for every twist, wrench, pull, push or bend.

    • 1.2(injury)

      torcedura femenino
      to give one's arm/ankle a wrench torcerse el brazo/tobillo

    • 1.3(emotional pain)

      (causado por una separación) dolor masculino
      it was a terrible wrench leaving my family fue muy doloroso tener que separarme de mi familia
      • And with a sudden wrench inside of his heart, Ark realised that his friend was gone.
      • The project is for young people aged 13 to 19 but it is such a wrench for older members to leave that they are trained to become volunteer youth workers and so continue their connection with the project.
      • It's going to be a huge wrench for me and everyone who has been at the offices for years.
      • You know, many people were so loyal to Dan, Peter and Tom, after having been on for over 20 years, that this throws a wrench in everybody's viewing habits.
      • Mr and Mrs Hoban said: ‘This is a big wrench but we cannot support a party that flouts the UN.’
      • It will be a major wrench for the youngster, who has considered the Heslington-based club as his ‘home’ course since arriving at York University three years ago.
      • It must be a big wrench for him and the supporters to have a home-bred player leave the club.
      • Fernandez, who lives in Edinburgh with his wife, Ximena, and one-year-old daughter, Judith, is not being diplomatic when he says that it will be a wrench to leave Livingston.
      • Practice manager Sandra Jackson said: ‘We've got a lot of history here and it's really going to be a bit of a wrench, but the new facilities are fantastic.’
      • It will be a bit of a wrench to leave the house the family has had for so long.
      • This is going to be a huge wrench for me, but it is a huge challenge that I'm looking forward to.
      • One of the biggest wrenches was having to give up my job.
      • The area, on the edge of the Dales, has much to commend it to Dr Hope, and the move from York should not prove too much of a wrench.
      • Although Jay admits it was a wrench leaving her family she is hoping to be joined by husband Sino, 34, who works for an Indian shipping company and their five-year-old daughter Neha in the spring.
      • There was more gut wrench when he left Liverpool for Real Sociedad in 1989, only to return to Merseyside with Tranmere as a player two years later.
      • But he and his wife Hillary also face the wrench of leaving behind their three sons, Owen and Daniel, who are in university, and Benjamin, who is still in school.
      • The move was a real wrench, and he feels guilty about it even though everyone has told him he has done the right thing.
      • ‘It is a wrench but I would probably not be able to represent my constituents with the energy I had before, so it is time someone a bit younger took it on,’ she said.
      • So, as you can imagine, it's a great wrench to be pulling out: I'm emotionally involved now, it's part of me.
      • He describes a lonely pitcher: ‘Life outside the diamond is a wrench.’

  • 2

    llave inglesa femenino
    see also monkey wrench
    • Cray took the wrench and disappeared back under the front end.
    • He pulled the tire wrench from behind the seat, and walked to the back of the truck.
    • Use a spoke wrench to tighten spokes that feel loose relative to the others - just so they're about as snug as the two spokes closest to them; don't crank down.
    • Use the adjustable wrench and tighten all the nuts.
    • Either faucet can be installed with standard tools, although you may need a basin wrench to reach up to the nuts that hold the faucet to the underside of the sink.
    • Lacking the special wrenches required to remove the bolts that held the wings on, the dockworkers had employed cold chisels on the bolt heads.
    • Feeling the cold steel in his hand, Mario used the wrench to loosen the bolt underneath the sink in the main bathroom of his parents' apartment.
    • Use either vise grips and a pair of pliers, or a pipe wrench and pliers to remove the old shower head.
    • A set of three good quality adjustable wrenches - small, medium and large - will fit a very wide range of nuts and bolts and should be all you'll ever need.
    • This is a very handy pair of pliers because it can be also used as a pipe wrench, adjustable wrench, wire cutter, ratchet, or a clamp.
    • Jason grabbed a wrench and launched it toward the wall.
    • When I have to carry a lot of wrenches in an implement toolbox, I can find the one I need quickly by hooking them all on a couple of snap hooks.
    • As she entered the garage she spotted Aouri kneeling beside Brigg's motorcycle, tightening something with a wrench.
    • Use the wrench to tighten the nut, but not too much.
    • Put the nuts on the bolts and tighten them a bit with your fingers, then use a wrench and a screwdriver or Allen key to tighten them completely.
    • With a pedal wrench turn the shaft while holding the bike, pedal, and crank steady.
    • A few quick turns of a wrench and the joints were together.
    • An adjustable wrench works well to tighten up the hardware that holds the faucet in place.
    • Remove the pivot bolt with a wrench and take out the spring - with a screwdriver, if necessary.
    • Pipe wrenches are necessary to tighten plumbing pipes.