Traducción de wristwatch en Español:


reloj (de) pulsera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrɪs(t)wɒtʃ//ˈrɪstˌwɑtʃ/


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    reloj (de) pulsera masculino
    • Timepieces tracked included staff wristwatches and beepers, wall clocks, bedside and central patient monitors, workstation computers, and clocks on videocassette recorders.
    • Physicians favored wristwatches over wall clocks for routine situations, but reversed their preference for emergencies.
    • If you are unable to see the clocks due to poor vision, use a digital wristwatch or a smaller pace clock that can be placed at the end of your lane.
    • Paul tells me all times recorded for the brewing process are taken from the clock, not our wristwatches.
    • The physician uses a stopwatch or a wristwatch with a second hand to time this activity.
    • Remember, your digital wristwatch probably has more computing power than those of the space explorers combined!
    • Driving the route at a steady speed and recording the time on a digital stopwatch (as most digital wristwatches have) leaves a simple calculation to get the speed.
    • For one thing, there are wristwatches, cell phones, digital diaries and calculators that most people carry with them, that have to be protected from rainwater.
    • Since humans are quite good at telling time, the numbers are often missing from commercial wristwatches, and some wristwatches do not even have markings for each hour.
    • He was using a wristwatch with a digital camera function.
    • She touched a button on her wristwatch starting a countdown timer.
    • They corrected deviations of internal clocks by comparison with radio controlled wristwatches.
    • Missy glanced at her wristwatch with diamonds outlining the round, white gold face and the snakeskin band.
    • Their quartz clock was a very large device as compared with today's quartz wristwatches which also use microchip and liquid crystal display technology.
    • I started collecting vintage watches ever since my grandfather gave me one of his Hamilton vintage wristwatches for my 18th birthday.
    • Until electronics went high-tech, recreational divers had to calculate their dive and decompression times with wristwatches and universal charts usually designed for military divers.
    • In our personal lives, timings are crucial also: our lives are run by wristwatches, alarm clocks, the beep-beep-beep of reminders on mobile phones.
    • For example, an organized group counterfeiting high-end wristwatches often has the knockoff faces manufactured in one country, the bands in another and the moving parts in a third.
    • When it came time for the sermon, he watched the minister take off his wristwatch and place it on the pulpit.
    • Casio wants to go one better by putting an MP3 player and a digital camera in a wristwatch.