Traducción de write en Español:


escribir, v.

Pronunciación /raɪt//rʌɪt/

verbo transitivowritten, wrote

  • 1

    (put in writing)
    how do you write that? ¿cómo se escribe?
    • mother writes that they are well mamá dice en la carta que están bien
    • it is written that … está escrito que …
    • Write with the knowledge of death on your shoulder, write the beauty of the red leafed begonia, remember winter, write with compassion.
    • To write the love of God above would drain the ocean dry.
    • If all the water of the oceans became ink, it will not be enough to write the Greatness of Allah.
  • 2

    (letter/essay) escribir
    I wrote him a letter le escribí una carta
    • to write sb a check / (British) cheque hacerle un cheque a algn
    • She said rural Ireland inspired her and she wrote pages of poetry about the landscape and the people.
    • I wrote letters to my mother and she sent me recipes.
    • During his lifetime Blake wrote many volumes of poetry and religious philosophy, and was an accomplished artist and engraver.
    • Such fiction seems to be almost entirely translated from novels originally written in English.
    • He wrote back saying he was very optimistic that things would change.
    • Apart from being a reporter and magazine editor, he wrote literary works that were famous in Japan.
    • He writes books of poetry but his contact with classical music had been rather limited thus far.
    • He decided to write a letter of his own and to send regards from his crew.
    • It is impossible to write an honest letter to somebody who may send it on to a third party.
    • It seemed an appropriate year to write a diary for publication.
    • They wrote letters and sent circulars, mailing seventeen bushels of material relating to the fair on one day alone.
    • We know he was interested in American literature, for he wrote an essay each on Whitman and Thoreau.
    • Laura reached over for her paper and pen and then began to write a letter to send to her father who lived in Tokyo.
    • I wrote back and I also wrote to her headmaster, whose name appeared on the school letterhead, at a PO box.
    • Once she wrote back telling of an unbelievable class she had in Australia.
    • We need to distribute leaflets, write letters, send faxes, talk to people, get the message across and change opinions.
    • During the nineteenth century almost all poets wrote poetry in dramatic form.
    • I wrote to him just to say what a great job he was doing and how proud to be a New Zealander he made me, and he took the trouble to write a lovely letter back.
    • Over 80 per cent also sent in comments, with many writing additional letters.
    • Not content with just voicing his creativity through music, Enik has also commenced writing a book of poetry.
    • So I wrote the letter and sent it that evening before I went to bed.
    • He wrote back saying he loved the song and found nothing objectionable in it.
    • I even wrote to the paper explaining these errors but they never wrote back and I'm still waiting for their reply.
    • That night she finished writing her short letter to James and copied her poem to him onto the same sheet of paper.
    • Connie was very grateful and wrote a letter from her bed and asked Timmy to send it for her on his next visit.
    • I'm the only president whose ever written a novel and I've written a book of poetry in the past as well.
    • He was sent to prison, where he wrote a letter about his plight to the New York Citizen newspaper.
    • He wrote letters and he sent them through a talk show producer and asked the talk show producer to get it to a family member.
    • I was so impressed - a novel written in English about the Geisha world.
    • He's been at it for decades and has written a magnificent text book which he's currently rewriting.
    • He literally wrote a book on the subject, shortly after his second daughter, Justine, was born.
    • Margaret wrote back saying that I should bring it up in class and acknowledge my feelings.
    • Usually, all you need to do is send e-mail or write a letter to the company.
    • The lyrics were written by poets of great literary stature.
    • I wrote books and published articles and eventually got a tenure-track job at a good university.
    • While in prison, he has written five books of poetry and has contributed to several periodicals.
    • Aside from his published books, he wrote articles which bristled with wit.
    • In the process he made some of the most beautiful poems ever written in the English language.
    • She has written five books of poetry and a clip file shows she has been receiving accolades for years.
    • The opportunity also facilitated mentoring students to write an article for publication.
  • 3EEUU

    (write letter to)
    escribirle a
    she wrote her uncle that she was coming home le escribió a su tío diciéndole que volvía a casa
    • Next morning he wrote her to come.
    • We met because I took out her best friend, and she wrote me to tease me about it.
    • Shortly after that visit home, she wrote me to ask if she could borrow $250.
  • 4

    to write sth to disk or (British also) disc traspasar algo a un disco
    • The main reason for this is that virus - and spyware authors - write malware for the most common platform.
    • The application can seek, read, an write bytes to the stream as it is a local file.
    • Details are written to a file named after the IP address of the Ethernet on each ARM.
    • Every time a host application writes a transaction to the local disk storage subsystem, a data protection appliance writes it in parallel to the local compatible appliance.
    • Storage should write data to compliant volumes at the same speed as other volumes.

verbo intransitivowritten, wrote

  • 1

    (produce writing)
    this pencil doesn't write very well este lápiz no escribe muy bien
    • Figures published last week showed alarming gaps in children's ability to read and write.
    • The school has been awarded the Basic Skills Quality Mark for reading, writing, spelling and number work.
    • Literate peasants might find themselves on trial as much for their ability to read and write as for the uses to which they put this knowledge.
    • The majority of people stake claim based on their ability to read and write; they find it difficult to speak in English.
    • These articles remind readers that literacy means the ability to both read and write as the latter is often forgotten.
    • There's no theory, so a simple ability to read and write is all you need.
    • It is clear that higher education is a sector predicated upon the ability to read and write accurately.
    • For example, a child who found it difficult to read or write without making mistakes might have the ability to sing or dance quite well.
    • Around 5 million people in the UK can't read or write.
    • The ability to read and write is the measure usually taken as a key indicator of a country's economic and social advancement.
    • Even if a parent can't read or write themselves, they should put any personal embarrassment about their own literacy problems to one side and ensure that their child learns the skills.
    • Thereafter, lacking the ability to read and write, they were unable to cope with an education that assumed the existence of these skills.
    • As we get older we learn to read and write and hopefully pronounce the words correctly in whatever language we are raised.
    • A stroke can affect your ability to read and write and even if you can talk, sometimes the words don't come out in the correct order.
    • There are still people leaving school without the ability to read or write.
  • 2

    (as author, journalist)
    I've always wanted to write siempre he querido ser escritor
    • she writes for a newspaper/for television escribe en un periódico/para la televisión
    • to write about/on sth escribir acerca de/sobre algo
  • 3

    (in letter)
    to write to sb escribirle a algn
    • I wish you'd write to me more often quisiera que me escribieras más seguido
    • I am writing in response to the advertisement which … me dirijo a ustedes con relación al anuncio que …
    • you never write to your mother nunca le escribes a tu madre
    • we write to each other every month nos escribimos todos los meses
    • I write home once a week escribo a casa una vez por semana