Traducción de writing pad en Español:

writing pad

bloc, n.


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    bloc masculino
    • Last week as I was sitting down at my desk to write a long deferred article, I was startled to see an emerald-green praying mantis sitting on my writing pad.
    • Once in the library, Annalise sat in one of the tables in the back and pulled out her writing pad.
    • I love having plenty of little game devices and utilities at hand, you never know when you might need plastic bags, spare dice or writing pads.
    • On the other hand, the vast majority of Kimberly-Clark's revenue lay in traditional coated-paper mills, turning out paper for magazines and writing pads - which had been the core business of the company for 100 years.
    • There are dozens of websites offering everything from left-handed bread-knives (no more huge crusts!) to scissors and writing pads.
    • I grabbed a writing pad from my bed stand and started to doodle on it.
    • On the table are a chess set, some writing pads, a clock.
    • Within minutes, his orders were executed and his secretary sat opposite him with his writing pad and quill.
    • He ripped the page from the writing pad and stuffed it into his pocket.
    • A crowd of about 150 are sucking peppermints and scratching notes on the writing pads provided by Waipuna Lodge at Addicted to Love, the 10th annual conference of the Romance Writers of New Zealand.
    • The very first thing I am going to ask you to do is a practical exercise for which you will need your Tarot deck and a writing pad or paper and a pen.
    • Besides book-linked shelves, there is the exquisite, antique writing table with an oil lamp, pens and a writing pad.
    • As part of its rebranding and repositioning strategy, the company hired his firm to design a prototype store for its products, which include pens, writing pads, and small leather goods.
    • He suggested the officer use a log or a writing pad.
    • Walt sold the rights to put Mickey Mouse on school writing pads in 1929; the Mickey Mouse Club followed a year later.
    • Common complimentary gifts in these kinds of events include plastic bags, ballpoint pens, pencils, writing pads, water bottles and paper cups.
    • Marianna uses a writing pad affixed to her waist to communicate.
    • In front of me was a writing pad with a letter on it, written by her.
    • The group is probably best known for its John Dickinson stationery, which includes the Basildon Bond range and produces one in five of all writing pads used in the UK.
    • For instance, a student spun his story by relating the writing pad to the print media.