Traducción de wrong en Español:


equivocado, adj.

Pronunciación /rɒŋ//rɔŋ/


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    • 1.1(incorrect, inappropriate)

      (answer) equivocado
      the answer is wrong la respuesta es incorrecta / (formal) errónea
      • the time given in the newspaper was wrong la hora que salió en el periódico estaba mal
      • he drew the wrong conclusion sacó una conclusión equivocada
      • you've given me the wrong change se ha equivocado al darme el cambio
      • the book is in the wrong place el libro no está en su sitio / en su lugar
      • we've taken the wrong bus nos hemos equivocado de autobús
      • he went in the wrong direction cogió para dónde no debía
      • you're in the wrong job, you should be a painter te has equivocado de oficio, deberías ser pintor
      • this is the wrong time to mention the subject este no es (el) momento oportuno para mencionar el tema
      • it's the wrong time of year for cherries no es época de cerezas
      • those shoes are the wrong thing to wear esos zapatos no son los apropiados
      • she always says the wrong thing siempre dice lo que no debe
      • the picture is the wrong way up el cuadro está al revés
      • I'm the wrong person to ask no soy la persona indicada para contestar esa pregunta
      • He had to state that it was only half right, and the half he said was correct, was wrong.
      • The argument never ends because there isn't a right or wrong answer.
      • But it is wrong to become a slave to food or to let it control you.
      • This man is taking stick over these allegations but what worries me most is when some bloggers seem to think that if true, nothing is wrong.
      • It is simply a question of a country, perhaps unconsciously, following the wrong policies.
      • But you are sure to rub lots of people the wrong way by asking such questions.
      • Perhaps we have, like Alice, simply been asking the wrong question.
      • In my judgment the court did not apply the wrong definition of smoke, and so the second question posed should be answered in the negative.
      • I see the need for political process to correct things that are wrong in society.
      • The experimenter records whether that answer was correct or wrong.
      • If the answer is wrong, the computer says the same and gives the correct answer.
      • Reading through them I decided that the bars in question were wrong for the lines of words.
      • A shadow seemed to pass over her face, and now it seemed that I had asked the wrong question.
      • There is, after all, a right and a wrong answer which means that the kind of fine judgements that only come with maturity are not required.
      • There is only one right answer and everything else is a wrong answer, only black and white.
      • Paul Eves can do no wrong in his portrayal of a security guard that always poses the wrong question at the wrong time.
      • I told her that no, every time I check things over, I change right answers into wrong ones.
      • And if what we think is true is based on wrong ideas or impressions, the results can be devastating.
      • The reader wants to know what factual material was wrong and what the true fact is.
      • Midori tells me to not take it the wrong way but it's a question of my youth.
      • I spent the rest of the morning asking all the right questions in all the wrong places.
      • In the circumstances this was clearly the wrong question because it produced an angry, questioning tirade.
      • Everything was dealing with people, and no right and wrong answers, and no scripts.
      • A correct answer wins six points, but a wrong answer loses the team five points.
      • As a coaching staff, we expect certain standards and I don't think it's wrong to demand those standards of the players.
      • My recollection is that the procedural history was this - I will stand corrected if I am wrong.
      • Both babies were tagged properly and put into the correct cots but the wrong baby was picked up.
      • In certain cases the customer, rather than the bank, is interested in having the wrong entry corrected.
      • After a moment he realized that and tried to fix it, but he still managed to get the wrong answer.
      • This is a natural question to ask, when your portfolio is in a mess, but unfortunately it's the wrong question.
      • Annoying as this can be when the questions come at the wrong time, it's great to have a child with an enquiring mind.
      • Max has a more hysteric method of asking, then screaming when I give the wrong answer.
      • Some of you made some correct assumptions and some wrong ones.
      • Sometimes one of us got the wrong answer, sometimes the other.
      • Instead of correcting the wrong bits I should have just thrown the whole analogy back at him.
      • He reacted to Newton's paper by claiming that what was original in the paper was wrong and what was correct in the paper was stolen from him.
      • It was the last quarter, and I was going through my trig homework, quickly writing down answers that were probably wrong.
      • Miss Goddard said Saleem had fallen in with the wrong crowd and did not ask any questions when he allowed them to use the vehicles.
      • This is exactly the kind of report you get when you ask the wrong question.
      • Shifting his imposing frame, his expression takes on a thunderous aspect, suggesting this is the wrong question to ask.

    • 1.2(mistaken)

      to be wrong estar equivocado
      • you're wrong: the answer is 62 estás equivocado: la respuesta es 62
      • I thought it was silver, but I was wrong creí que era plata, pero estaba en un error / me equivoqué
      • I hope you're/I'm wrong ¡ojalá te equivoques/me equivoque!
      • he was wrong about the date estaba equivocado respecto de la fecha
      • I was wrong about her la había juzgado mal
      • you were wrong in your suspicions tus sospechas eran infundadas
      • you were wrong to assume that he would help you te equivocaste al pensar que te ayudaría
      • I think she's right about the condition, wrong about the timing and causes.
      • Mr Justice Sullivan ruled yesterday that Tendring Council was wrong to give the go-ahead for the housing estate.
      • But he added it would be wrong to assume at this stage that mobile phones were hazardous to human health.
      • Now I know it is wrong to give water to a person who has fainted or to cut open the wound to bleed out the poison from the body of a snakebite victim.
      • The Attorney General submits that the Judge was wrong in respect of both rulings.
      • On this appeal the Claimant contends that the Judge was wrong and should not in any event have decided the point summarily.
      • Even his father came around, admitting he was wrong about business and becoming hugely proud of his successful son.
      • Can all of those people in the audience be wrong and those few judges be right?
      • Another way of putting it is to say the court will not interfere unless the judge is plainly wrong.
      • Daunting as it nonetheless was, I was quite wrong to be so awed.
      • And of course, in our rush to judgment, we were wrong about the man from Cracow.
      • Since they were wrong about that, what else could they have been wrong about?
      • Alex is wrong about this being a personal moral matter that does not affect public interest.
      • I now have to admit that I was wrong about this all being unfounded rumour.
      • But it would be wrong to argue that all pirate radio in Ireland belonged to a tradition of rebellion.
      • So, looking back, I was wrong to have made many of the initial judgments I had on my first few days in Shanghai.
      • It is hard to see how the judge could be wrong in his interpretation.
      • It would also be wrong to assume that the entire financial - services sector speaks with a single voice on the best way forward.
      • While it would be wrong to say the two firms are desperate, it would also be wrong to say they are ambivalent about the outcome of their bid attempts.
      • It would be wrong to perceive such a statement as defeatist.

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    stealing is wrong robar está mal
    • I was wrong to abandon him hice mal en dejarlo
    • you were wrong to shout at her like that estuviste mal en gritarle así
    • is it so wrong to want a little happiness? ¿qué hay de malo en querer un poco de felicidad?
    • I haven't done anything wrong no he hecho nada malo
    • there's nothing wrong with a drink now and then tomarse una copa de vez en cuando no tiene nada de malo
    • what's wrong with that? ¿qué hay de malo en eso?
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    what's wrong? ¿qué pasa?
    • you're very quiet, is something/anything wrong? ¿estás muy callado, te pasa algo?
    • what's wrong with you? ¿qué te pasa?
    • there's something wrong with her algo le pasa
    • there's something wrong with my elbow tengo algo en el codo
    • something's wrong with the lock algo le pasa a la cerradura
    • there's nothing wrong with your heart su corazón está perfectamente bien
    • I can't see anything wrong with the engine parece no haber ningún problema con el motor
    • The buzzers would go off in the night and when the nurses came to see what was wrong they would find the patients fast asleep.
    • I don't know what's wrong with it and Anthony has yet to come look at it.
    • Plainly, something is wrong with him, so it's no surprise that he's wearing a hospital bracelet.
    • Doctors were unable to find out exactly what was wrong with Chloe and her condition remains undiagnosed.
    • Before a ball has been kicked, our festival of the beautiful game has already been depicted as an ugly carnival of all that is wrong with the world.
    • I spoke to a man tonight about what was wrong with the world.
    • Can anyone tell me what is wrong with that paragraph and why it is self-refuting?
    • What could be wrong with this non-carcinogenic, non-resource-wasting joy?
    • Dairy products were blamed for virtually everything medically wrong with the younger generation.
    • Some readers, undoubtedly, will ask what could be wrong with that scenario.
    • Litter on our streets, anti-social behaviour, dereliction - we all know what is wrong with our town.
    • This Christmas, which Matt spent on the Ivory Coast, a local boy got sick and nobody knew what was wrong with him.
    • He knew that something was wrong and never stopped to think about the dangers involved and that demonstrates what a brave man he was.
    • It looks so plain you would think nothing was wrong with it!
    • She's seen innumerable specialists, all of whom have been baffled as to what could be wrong with her and then passing her on to someone else.
    • After marrying in 1999, we had tried in vain for three years to conceive even though there was nothing really wrong with us.
    • What's wrong with people that they can't look each other in the eye with respect and without motivation?
    • It's like your heart pains and you wonder what's wrong with human beings.
    • They have had him on an intravenous drip, and they need to try to diagnose exactly what is wrong with him.
    • You know, technology caught up with precisely what was wrong with the way that I used food.
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    the wrong side el revés


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    (answer) mal
    (answer) incorrectamente
    they spelled my name wrong escribieron mal mi nombre
    • I assume you're paying — well, you assume wrong imagino que pagas tú — pues estás en un error / te equivocas
    • I did it all wrong lo hice todo mal
    • to go wrong fallar
    • something's gone badly wrong with our marriage algo ha fallado por su base en nuestro matrimonio
    • it's straight ahead, you can't go wrong siga derecho, no se puede perder
    • follow the instructions and you won't go far wrong siga las instrucciones y no se equivocará
    • he began to go wrong at college en la universidad empezó a ir por mal camino
    • a nice girl gone wrong una buena chica que se ha echado a perder
    • She got it wrong on the restart, a little mistake but with big consequences for everybody else.
    • But authors pride themselves on getting things right and hate it when they get them wrong.
    • We guessed wrong both times, but that's the way it is sometimes.
    • Unfortunately that was when I came to know that I had the train name wrong.
    • But jealous bullies made his life hell, calling him a ‘scab’ and a ‘traitor’ and yawning if he answered questions right and clapping if he got them wrong.
    • It may seem hard to credit, but if a serious journalist gets a fact wrong it hurts.
    • The artist said the names were spelled correctly on her sketches, but she got them wrong as she was doing the piece.
    • If you get one area wrong, it impacts on the rest of the brand.
    • After further review of the matter, I stick to my belief that the court got this one wrong.
    • Courtney (J Rockwell's wife) was sitting next to me and she and I kept getting each answer right while the actual contestants kept getting them wrong.
    • Update I think I got it a little bit wrong - technology can confuse me sometimes, folks.
    • I just feel I need to get it very right because if you get it wrong you could offend a lot of people.
    • Unlike Binet, Piaget came to believe that the key to understanding children's cognitive development was not which questions children got wrong, but how they got them wrong.
    • Perhaps they won't come to it with an open mind at all and will be angry that I got it all wrong.
    • If you guess right you will appear to be a genius, if you guess wrong you will look foolish.
    • I tried spelling it maybe 16 different ways; they all look wrong, and now I'm in a foaming rage.
    • However, this is yet further evidence of ISPs getting their sums wrong and getting customers to pay for the mistakes.
    • ChoicePoint got his middle name wrong and reported that there was a bench warrant for his arrest in Arizona.
    • Somehow I don't think Tolstoy was interested in the Falklands… And the brainless morons kept getting them wrong - even the ones that had been answered correctly in previous rounds!
    • Boris made the mistake of getting a few facts wrong in a controversial article that overall made an important point.


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    (immoral action) mal masculino
    (injustice) injusticia femenino
    to know right from wrong saber distinguir entre lo que está bien y lo que está mal
    • you did wrong to tell her hiciste mal en decirle
    • in her eyes he can do no wrong para ella, es incapaz de hacer nada malo
    • They sought with the assistance of journalists to make public the wrongs which they allegedly suffered.
    • Isn't their job to advise their political bosses against wrongs?
    • And there will be, inevitably, and quite immorally, an attempt to obscure the historical wrongs and the injustices that lie behind the firestorms.
    • Crimes are wrongs, not just against the victims, but also against society.
    • Friends and relatives can forgive, and sometimes do, but they are forgiving the wrong done to them only.
    • The unequal distribution of wealth, the increase in populations and grievances over past wrongs are still with us.
    • He has publicly denounced all the wrongs that were levelled on him.
    • Each weblog we visit, the owner - myself included - pontificates on all the wrongs and evils of the day.
    • People unavoidably pay a collective price for the misdeeds and wrongs of their leaders.
    • Maybe that will be the only time that these people will realise they have done a grievous wrong.
    • This system is supposed to consider issues like fault and blame because it is designed to alleviate individual wrongs, not social grievances.
    • The new era of political correctness has seen a succession of apologies for past wrongs.
    • Both wrongs also constituted a criminal offence.
    • Forgiveness is the act of setting someone free from an obligation to you that is a result of a wrong done against you.
    • However we may feel about the rights and wrongs of their politics, it's important that we respect the name change.
    • I cannot see how it is possible to right the wrong of murder or another crime with killing someone.
    • And there was much debate surrounding the rights and wrongs of it being funded by private finance.
    • At the heart of the business of being a writer, I assumed - apart from the necessity to earn a living - was an urge to right wrongs, to expose injustice.
    • There may be many good developments during the present regime; but to attribute all wrongs to previous regimes is not correct.
    • This Government recognises that putting right these grievances, acknowledging wrongs, and providing redress is a necessary phase of our history and of moving forward.
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    agravio masculino

verbo transitivo


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    she had been wronged by her family su familia había sido muy injusta con ella
    • you wrong him lo juzgas mal
    • Jules was capable of getting very aggressive towards people who wronged her and the people close to her.
    • It is never easy to swallow your pride when you feel you have been wronged.
    • Let us extend our hands even to those who've wronged us.
    • They are not wronging the owners of the stores; on the contrary, the owners of the stores have wronged them over the years by restricting their access to the goods they covet and to which they believe they have a right.
    • Others admit they were trying to punish a family member or significant other who they felt had wronged them.
    • She had been wronged as had been her family and she would make sure that her son got the justice he deserved.
    • They act with anger towards those who they feel have wronged them.
    • Some people have told us that managers get promoted, or they get transferred, when they do things which are wrong, and the person who has been wronged is left to suffer.
    • I've never told the two people I believe I've wronged the most how sorry I am
    • Because this is a novel, Glass can sketch nasty portraits of those close to him, all the while explaining how sorry he is that he wronged them.
    • In your mind's eye, visualize someone who has hurt or wronged you.
    • Any individual is entitled to criticise someone who has wronged them; the libel laws are there to prevent abuse.
    • When a perpetrator wrongs a person, she, the wronged party, typically has a personal reactive attitude of resentment.
    • Efforts are being made to allow ordinary citizens a more prompt and accessible redress where they feel they were wronged in a newspaper report.
    • When he feels somebody is wronging his client, he jumps in front of a microphone.
    • Never forget that you a great debt to anyone whose ancestors may have been wronged by some distant relative of your ancestors.
    • I resent it when I'm wronged and I'm protective of those I care for.
    • In the Ancient Near East when a person felt he was wronged it was his obligation to seek personal justice by retaliating in kind.
    • If a citizen is wronged by any party, he or she can count on it that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will protect him and justice will prevail.
    • But now I tell you do not take revenge on someone who wrongs you.
    • While both sides claim to have been wronged, Novak was hopeful that the campaign would provide an open forum for debate.
    • If I have wronged anyone in this way in the past, I am sorry for it.
    • Typically, people who feel wronged by the media sue for libel.