Traducción de wrought iron en Español:

wrought iron

hierro forjado, n.


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    hierro forjado masculino
    • Metal or wrought-iron finials fit perfectly in a mature setting such as a master bedroom, a den, or a study.
    • It has now been cleared up, a touristic shrine with arty wrought-iron lamps, brick walls carefully pointed, everywhere evidence of restoration.
    • The large window behind the red velvet sofa frames the yard next door, which holds a black, wrought-iron raven, its outspread wings over six feet across.
    • They were seated at a round, wrought-iron table, William and Harry on one side, Laurel and Patrick on the other, and Charles at the head.
    • Comparing the black hue of your wrought-iron garden gate with the gleaming steel of the car bumper, can they really be the same element?
    • The wide walkway meanders around trees and past an antique roadster, wrought-iron lampposts, and even an authentic English telephone box.
    • Between the pillars, just beneath the roof, alternating crests of the football club or cricket club are suspended by wrought-iron lacework.
    • The sense of an old hacienda is back, with arched hallways, massive ceiling beams, a spiral staircase with wrought-iron railing and a sunken garden.
    • It will be a chance to see the stunningly restored wrought-iron interior of the Victorian building and the newly-restored Prince Consort engine working.
    • The tower is composed of four arched, wrought-iron legs tapering inward to form a single column that rises to 300 meters, or 986 feet.
    • The wrought-iron entrance gates and meandering drive reflect the sense of romance and grandeur that characterized the Roaring Twenties.
    • Natural-finish hardwood floors help warm up the pale walls, and a flat ceiling and graceful wrought-iron chandelier add intimacy.
    • The look of Wrought Iron and the quality and durability of heavy duty steel add up to years of enjoyment of our Home Accessories.
    • The appealing curves and elegant designs of wrought iron can add a special accent to your outdoor décor.
    • A second-story balcony is adorned with elaborate wrought-iron railings and windows framed by elongated pointed arches.
    • Trees were removed and 15 metres chopped off its crest to provide a level site for the eight prefabricated wrought-iron barracks that arrived from Australia.
    • Behind his store's brick facade, he displays everything from wrought-iron bistro tables and wall-mounted plant hangers to pots and urns.
    • Pushing open the large wrought-iron gate leading into the large front courtyard of the Wallace Manor, Aric stepped inside and waited for his sister to do likewise before closing it again.
    • Inside, the home takes on even more of a storybook aspect, with fantastically carved wood ceilings and walls and curly wrought-iron hardware.
    • The anchor chains of large ships have been made from wrought iron for centuries, whilst the masterly 1860 gates of the Palace of Westminster have recently withstood ramming by a motorist incensed by failings of the NHS.