Traducción de X-rated en Español:


solo para adultos, adj.

Pronunciación ///ˈɛksˌreɪdəd/



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    solo para adultos
    clasificado X España
    • Draper regards Playboy magazine as pornographic and has demanded the government stop all X-rated videos.
    • One thing the free channel won't have is unedited versions of popular X-rated programs.
    • What I'm auctioning today is a personalized description of my next visit to an X-rated movie set.
    • Her X-rated autobiography is horrifying, gripping, sexy and pathetic.
    • Can you tell your dad or mom that you accidentally came across some X-rated stuff that bothered you?
    • Because when they had tried to access X-rated porn sites, they couldn't get past the filters.
    • Some cable operators have started to use or test explicit on-demand porn in an effort to have the X-rated fare help pay for their video-on-demand upgrades.
    • A jilted lover who published an X-rated video on the internet of himself and his former girlfriend having sex was jailed today for three months.
    • Just the other day the minister was pointing out on TV that sex crimes were synonymous with pinups, strip joints, X-rated movies, adult literature and so on, all of which she categorized as pornography.
    • The spy then posted on the Internet the group's private notes - including some X-rated photographs the men had traded.
    • This better not be some perverted, X-rated tale.
    • This is going to be an adult wedding but not in the X-rated sense.
    • The ‘Grudge’ star will play an X-rated actress who is trying to quit porn to develop her own reality TV show.
    • Surprises abound, as flecks of color in one part of the work turn out, on closer inspection, to be explicit pornographic vignettes culled (the artist says) from an X-rated Web site.
    • Second, in the world of 10 adult channels and pay-per-view, X-rated movies, can you really afford to throw a family channel off the air in this regulatory environment?
    • Two years later, a US study reckoned there were 200,000 ‘cybersex compulsives’: people fixated on porn sites, X-rated chatrooms and the like.
    • Like Harry Potter, this X-rated adult book concerns the battle between good and evil.
    • Ironically, the messaging system is even more risqué, and even features X-rated chat directories.
    • The last message was very personal and X-rated, and Kat hit the ‘delete’ button instinctively, afraid Sean would hear it.