Traducción de year en Español:


año, n.

Pronunciación /jəː//jɪr//jɪə/


  • 1

    (period of time)
    año masculino
    last year el año pasado
    • next year el próximo año
    • this time last year … el año pasado por estas fechas …
    • every year todos los años
    • every other / every second year cada dos años
    • once or twice a year una o dos veces al / por año
    • how much do you earn (in) a year? ¿cuánto ganas al año?
    • it costs $500 a year cuesta 500 dólares al año
    • a good/poor year un buen/mal año
    • all (the) year round todo el año
    • it'll be a year next Monday/August el lunes que viene/en agosto hará un año
    • by the year 2020 para el año 2020
    • in the year 1984 en el año 1984
    • in his years as professor en sus tiempos de catedrático
    • I'll return in a year or in a year's time volveré dentro de un año
    • over the years I've grown accustomed to it con el tiempo / con los años me he ido acostumbrando
    • from year to year de un año a otro
    • from one year to the next de un año para (el) otro
    • I'm 12 years old tengo doce años
    • she got five years le cayeron cinco años
    • the year one / (British) the year dot el año de Maricastaña / de la pera
    • It could be months or even years before the village truly gets back to normal.
    • A very fine description - of a museum which shut its doors five years and seven months ago.
    • There are certain days within the calendar year that certainly are sacrosanct.
    • It is the beginning of the Islamic year or Muharam, the first month of the Hijri year.
    • In what at first appears to be a lighthearted way, the collection provides a thought or a comment for each week of a calendar year.
    • Have you got smarter in the last twelve months or has the year taken its toll on your brain cells?
    • That carrier's plan offers a free ticket for every four round trips booked online and flown within a calendar year.
    • He, of course, is looking to become the first player ever to have topped three finishes in all four majors in a calendar year.
    • Your paycheck will be debited at the same rate each month for the entire calendar year.
    • Selection for the scholarship occurs in June of each year, with study to be undertaken in the following calendar year.
    • This clinical syndrome generally occurs six months to two years after radiation therapy.
    • How much do members reckon that had grown to by last year, the 2004 calendar year?
    • Judge Crowther set a period of two years and ten months before parole could be considered.
    • He just wanted to be a part of the Camp for some time. It could be a period as short as a month or a year.
    • Occurring late in the calendar year, Ramadan is a period of fasting and purification.
    • This is the first big race meeting of the calendar year held in the second weekend of January.
    • The examination cannot be retaken in the same calendar year.
    • They will be able to pay £12 a month over three years to cover their end of the deal.
    • He also admitted a charge of drink-driving and was jailed for a total of three years and three months.
    • This service provides 24 hour clinical pharmacy coverage each day of the calendar year.
    • This bill provided for the State Auditor to compile a list of all state employees during the previous calendar year.
    • It will also change its financial year from a November 15 year end to a calendar year in line with its peers.
    • Idd-ul-Fitr is a Muslim festival and public holiday that is celebrated on the sighting of the new moon at the end of the calendar year.
    • Such a phasing allows for a third eclipse season partially lying within the calendar year, starting on December 12.
    • One calendar year up to 31 December, 1996 was selected to show the pre-computerisation state of affairs.
    • The measure applies only to tourist visits not exceeding six months in a calendar year.
    • In 1993 it took, on average, five years and eight months for a case to be finally decided.
    • It is at once apparent that congestion in any calendar year can only be determined after the end of the calendar year.
    • Our official engagement will take place two years later, a month or so before we get married.
    • Some can be as short as six weeks, while others run from nine months up to two years.
    • My vision has become a reality as I take two days per week during the school calendar year to work on empowering people to do as I did.
    • At all events this week at Leinster House there was far more a feeling of the year drawing to a close than one gets as the calendar year nears a conclusion.
    • Makar Sankrant is the first Hindu festival of the solar calendar year, falling on January 14.
    • The length of time they are on the medication ranges from nine months to three years.
    • My husband and I moved from Surrey six months ago after ten years in a desirable but busy commuter belt.
    • What's so great about the second month of the calendar year?
    • In this way, the Chinese calendar year keeps in step with the real world.
    • This is because annual investment performances do not have to be given on a calendar year or a January to December basis by the life companies.
    • Sir Graham Hall retires this month after five years at the helm of Yorkshire Forward.
    • She cried and made obscene gestures as she was led from court to start three years and nine months behind bars.
    • If you operate your business on a calendar year, the deadline would be Dec 31.
    • A Department of Health and Treasury decision could take several months or even years.
  • 2years plural

    • 2.1(a long time)

      it's years since I saw him, I haven't seen him for years hace años que no lo veo
      • that was years ago de eso hace mucho tiempo / muchos años
      • years ago, there was a church here años atrás, aquí había una iglesia
      • I haven't been to the theater for / in years hace años / hace muchísimo que no voy al teatro
      • that's the best news I've had in years es la mejor noticia que me han dado en mucho tiempo
      • he looks years older parece mucho mayor
      • After many months and years cajoling and calling for clear leadership from the top, it had arrived.

    • 2.2(age)

      from her earliest years desde pequeña
      • he's very mature for his years es muy maduro para su edad
      • he must be well on in years debe ser bastante entrado en años
      • he's starting to feel his years now le están empezando a pesar los años

  • 3

    • 3.1Escuela Universidad

      curso masculino
      año masculino
      he's always top in / of his year siempre es el primero de su curso
      • she was in my year at school estaba en el mismo curso que yo en el colegio
      • I'm still in (the) first year todavía estoy en primer año / en primero
      • We have made it compulsory for the first year students to attend classes twice a week in the lab.
      • This is our tactic in the Writing Skills course we teach to first year college students.
      • Students in the higher year are able to smoke in the law but they are not allowed to in school.
      • The Claimant is a final year student at the Chelsea College of Article.
      • Gemma Bond is the only White Lodge student from her year to make the company.
      • Farheen, a third year optical management student says she won't be voting either.
      • Third year fine art student Dale Cochrane initially came to the school one day a week to help with lessons.
      • Both were very well liked by their peers and by students in other years and will be enormously missed.
      • By their fourth year students were studying the differential and integral calculus.
      • One of his tutors at Cambridge described him as a very good student but certainly not the top student in his year.
      • Mr Shaw is a first year graduate student in physics at the University of Southern California.

    • 3.2

      (of wine) cosecha femenino
      (of coin) año de acuñación masculino
      • Was it a very good year? The vintage is simply the year that the fruit, usually one or more varieties of grapes, used in making the wine was grown.
      • Advertising is set for its best year since 1999, according to a report out this week.
      • In a good year, the vineyard produces 9000 bottles of the most sought-after wine.