Traducción de yearn en Español:


Pronunciación /jərn//jəːn/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to yearn to + inf anhelar / ansiar + inf
    • he yearned to go back anhelaba / ansiaba volver
    • Nevertheless, Leanna Brodie in the title role gave a remarkably moving, heartfelt performance as a woman yearning for something real amid the tawdriness around her.
    • And people are yearning for people they can believe in and trust.
    • They have been yearning for this for a long time.
    • There is a legacy of ice sports in that area and the public is yearning for it to come back.
    • Residents are yearning for quality services in their respective areas and this can only come about if these institutions are made smaller and efficient.
    • It is a significant day for a nation and a region in need of, and yearning for, self-governance and an unshackling from dictatorships and oppression.
    • Your adventurous spirit yearns for a different exercise to take you out of the doldrums of yet another boring workout.
    • I know you're yearning for more, but try to enjoy the friendship.
    • Wanting and yearning for clarity and peace of mind.
    • We are all constantly yearning to fly, chart new vistas, explore new horizons and find our own path.
    • While those in their 40s and 50s may feel oppressed by their jobs, resenting the daily commute to work and yearning for retirement, we are already free and full of spirit.
    • Frank sang the responsorial psalm, ‘Like the deer that yearns for running streams, so my soul is yearning for you my God’.
    • It's all about love: lust, yearning for parenthood, remembered passions and, most intriguingly, the love an author feels for her character.
    • There comes a point in every festival where I start yearning for something pure and weighty - not to mention the more comfy seats of the International Festival venues.
    • She survived with her instincts and her big warm heart which yearned to reach out for a feeling she had never felt before.
    • But more than that, the human spirit yearns to inspire.
    • My heart yearned for you for months and now its desire is fulfilled!
    • Or maybe it was just Tolkien, sickened by the barbarousness of the 20th century, yearning for the certainties of a lost England that possibly never existed anyway.
    • The country is yearning for clean and honest leadership.
    • I do love this country and I am not about to stop yearning for change and doing what I can to affect a change - but one grows weary.
    • I starred into his eyes now calm, but deep down his spirit yearned to be free.
    • A nation yearning for policies that are honest.
    • My heart aches now, yearning for you to come back and hug me for the last time before you leave.
    • A sub-plot sees Sanderson still yearning for his ex-wife, but reluctant to make the first move towards a reconciliation.
    • I was expecting to feel him bite, bracing myself for the burning sensation, afraid of it, but yearning for it more than anything I have yearned for in my life.
    • But deep within, my spirit yearns to hear ‘a new thing’ from the church.
  • 2

    to yearn for sth añorar algo
    • she yearns for her native country/his embrace añora su patria/sus abrazos