Traducción de yellow en Español:


amarillo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈjɛloʊ//ˈjɛləʊ/


  • 1

    (flower/dress/car/paint) amarillo
    (hair) muy rubio
    (hair) muy güero México
    (hair) muy mono Colombia
    (hair) muy catire Venezuela
    (traffic light) amarillo EEUU
    (traffic light) (invariable adjective) ámbar EEUU
    (skin) amarillo
    the paper was yellow with age el papel se había puesto amarillo / amarillento con el paso del tiempo
  • 2malsonante despectivo

    amarillo malsonante despectivo
  • 3

    the yellow press la prensa amarilla / amarillista / sensacionalista
  • 4coloquial

    gallina coloquial
    cagueta(s) coloquial


  • 1

    amarillo masculino
    • Bright yellow in colour, smeared with splodges of red, several seemed to sprout from one stem, almost like a flower.
    • I have had a lot of success using the colours red and yellow, while green and blue tend to be very slow in producing runs.
    • Then there are the body colours, chili red, liquid yellow, cool blue, hot orange and for the Cooper S only, hyper blue.
    • In 1900 the colours were blue for France, yellow for Belgium, red for the United States and white for Germany.
    • Although different in shape and size, both are yellow in colour and many children pick up the bomblets thinking they contain food.
    • Buildings painted brilliant yellow, ochre, red or green and not looking over the top.
    • Fresh look yellow has similar features, but is yellow in colour, of course.
    • An intense golden yellow in colour, the Churchill is slightly creamer than the non-vintage, with a more mature nose of dried fruit and apricots.
    • With vibrant colours - bright yellow, dark blue and fresh white - and a catchy jingle it is a commercial worth watching more than once.
    • But the traditional colours used for the art remain ochre red and yellow, shades of blue and white and black.
    • It will be the centenary year of Rotary International and the club intends having baskets of flowers in the movement's colours of blue and yellow.
    • The schools new colours are maroon, royal blue and yellow.
    • Covering less than one-thousandth of the page, along with their colour combination of yellow on white, makes them invisible to the naked eye, Crean says.
    • Huge sticker-boards in bright yellow, blue and red will greet the children as they walk in.
    • We had a globe at home, and I half-believed that countries were actually colored red or blue or yellow.
    • Behind the house is a border like a theatre set, its foreground dashed with red, yellow and blue of flowering bushes against a backdrop of a hundred greens.
    • Dark green, ocean blue, metallic greys and whites, black and vibrant flashes of cobalt blue and acid yellow are the season's colours.
    • Sami loved bikes, lived for them, so we bought him a moped, a 50 cc bike in bright yellow, his favourite colour.
    • They come in the colours of submarine yellow, stadium red, quarry, and black.
    • If you're buying practical loafers, opt for summery shades of sky blue or pale yellow, as seen in Tod's.
  • 2

    yema femenino
  • 3EEUU

    luz amarilla femenino

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    ponerse amarillo
    ponerse amarillento