Traducción de young en Español:


joven, adj.

Pronunciación /jəŋ//jʌŋ/

adjetivoyoungest, younger

  • 1

    (animal/person) joven
    I have a younger brother tengo un hermano menor
    • she is four years younger than me es cuatro años menor que yo
    • this is Patricia, our youngest esta es Patricia, la (más) pequeña / la menor
    • a very good-looking young man un joven muy bien parecido
    • her young man su novio
    • a young lady una señorita
    • his young lady su novia
    • and what can I do for you, young man/lady? ¿qué se le ofrece, joven/señorita?
    • now listen to me, young man/lady escúcheme jovencito/jovencita
    • young people la juventud
    • to have a young family tener hijos chicos
    • she became a minister at the young age of 35 llegó a ministra a la temprana edad de 35 años
    • do you mean young Mr Smith or old Mr Smith? ¿se refiere a Mr Smith padre o hijo?
    • Pliny/Brueghel the Younger Plinio/Brueghel el Joven
    • the younger generation la nueva generación
    • to die/marry young morir/casarse joven
    • in my young days cuando era mozo/moza
    • (set phrase) the night is young la noche es joven
    • Lucy, who lives locally, says even as a young girl she felt alienated from her family - unloved and unwanted.
    • She says the country has been in her blood ever since she lived there as a young girl.
    • A young girl who lives in a cheap motel with her mother comes every year for her birthday meal.
    • When she was a young girl growing up in Wolverhampton, Denise Lewis itched to become the new Diana Ross.
    • She tells a story of a young girl who lives in The House, where she works.
    • Her troubles, she insists, are now in the past, and the insecure young girl has grown into a confident woman.
    • A young girl loses her mother and has to go and live with her mad inventor father in Canada.
    • Gary Neat, who also lives in the quiet cul-de-sac, said the couple lived there with a young girl.
    • As a young girl growing up on the Isle of Wight, her dream was to work as a waitress at the upmarket Penguin Café in Ryde.
    • I came to live here in 1952 as a young girl and it would have pleased her greatly then.
    • Annie John is about a young girl growing up in Antigua and eventually being sent away to study.
    • As a young girl, she lived on a farm and first rode sheep, then ponies and then horses which she loved.
    • She explained that she had learned to do this when she was a young girl living in rural Ireland.
    • As a young girl, Mary lived in France where she had married the king of France - Francis II.
    • She was a young Jewish girl living in the Middle East under the rule of the Roman Empire.
    • As a young girl living in Bellshill, she was taught the language on her grandmother's knee.
    • A long time ago a beautiful young girl called Hinemoa lived at Owhata on the eastern shores of the lake.
    • As a young girl growing up in Trichy, Vanitha says she became interested in animation.
    • A gaggle of young girls emerged from the woods and offered complex directions.
    • Prince Unleashed tells the story of Holly, a young girl forced to live with relatives after a tragic family accident.
  • 2

    (manner/complexion/appearance) juvenil
    he's a young 40 tiene 40 años muy bien llevados
    • she's very young for her age / years parece más joven de lo que es
    • (set phrase) you're as young as you feel la juventud se lleva dentro
    • It's full of non-stop action, laughter, drama and is perfect for the very young and young at heart.
    • Anyone young at heart is welcome to attend this tea party and we hope to have music to suit the occasion.
    • The Bangalore crowd is all young at heart, and the people here are always out having fun, she thinks.
    • This picture of the two young lovers is the symbol of love in the SARS times.
    • My elderly but young at heart parents just made their first visit to Pattaya from London to visit me in my new home.
    • My young artists loved making these flowers, as they looked great and were easy to make.
    • This was hardly the time to bring out an issue on love, when the young are busy preparing for exams.
    • Extra care has been taken to present a frayed and worn out look sought by the young and young at heart.
    • If you are young at heart you will remain young, it is said by many who don't want to grow old.
    • I love being round young writers, I like to think of writers as a community, as a race.
    • The clientele is made up of all ages; safe to say, most will be young at heart.
    • There was no doubt that the young audience loved what they had just heard.
    • If your dad is young at heart, you could check out the collection of shirts at River Island.
    • For the young and young at heart, there's also a number of niteclubs to keep those dancing feet tapping.
    • A time when audiences full of the young and young at heart can embrace their innocence and enjoy the magic of theatre.
    • All young at heart were out on the floor dancing to the popular tunes of yesterday.
    • My friend will miss her; he told me she was young at heart, had a wicked sense of humour, and always had a twinkle in her eye.
    • Sr. Catherine paid tribute to all her Senior Citizens for being so young at heart.
    • He is still very young at heart and a lot of players through the years have learned from experience.
  • 3

    (spinach/rhubarb) tierno
    (wine) joven
    Geología (rock/mountain) nuevo
    (country/movement) joven
    jazz music was still very young then por aquel entonces el jazz daba todavía sus primeros pasos

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    the young la juventud
  • 2

    crías femenino
    with young preñada
    • In the spring the hungry animals tear out birds nests and eat eggs and young.
    • Within three days of birth a brood of young may have been led a distance of almost a mile.
    • Whooping crane young are fed dragonfly larvae, insects and tadpoles.