Traducción de zero-emission en Español:


de emisión cero, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌziroʊəˈmɪʃən/


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    de emisión cero
    de cero emisión
    zero-emission vehicle vehículo de emisión cero / de cero emisión masculino
    • Utopians might expect that the auto makers will offer countless octane-stingy hybrids and zero-emission fuel-cell vehicles to a public seeking to wean itself from all addiction to the cursed internal combustion engine.
    • Burns of GM said the eventual goal was not a gasoline powered fuel cell, but one that could power a zero-emission vehicle.
    • Other zero-emission electrics like the Tango, chargeable by solar or wind, are out there if you look.
    • Christchurch citizens are already enjoying the advantages of electric zero-emission buses operating in a free shuttle service in the city centre.
    • Before giving a speech at the opening ceremony, Lu took a ride in a German-designed zero-emission vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel cells.
    • The state now owns 37 zero-emission electric vehicles and 82 powered by compressed natural gas.
    • California's lead in requiring zero-emission vehicles becomes a national model in 2015.
    • Electric vehicles also are the cleanest vehicles on the road today: No smog-producing pollution pours from their tailpipes, qualifying them for zero-emission status.
    • In California, zero-emission electric buses can be recharged up to 50% in five minutes and such fast recharging is crucial for the bus's viability
    • Combining hydrogen and oxygen in fuel cells generates electricity, pure water, and nothing else, making it the ultimate zero-emission fuel.
    • About a year and a half ago I strongly queried whether IndraNet might not be going off the rails by branching out into the world of zero-emission vehicles.
    • Merton is keen to see the Rowan Road and Cedars Road sites used for zero-emission sustainable developments.
    • All the efforts going into fuel cells, hybrids and zero-emission vehicles are only going to yield clean-burning cars that crawl along in interminable traffic jams.
    • As far as meeting the goal of zero-emission vehicles, there is no doubt the fuel cell is the best option and also for using energy most efficiently in comparison to a conventional powertrain.
    • With the world choking on auto exhaust, the zero-emission fuel cell is increasingly seen as its green savior.
    • California is again delaying requirements for zero-emission vehicles, first mandated for the 1998 model year.
    • This totally zero-emission car processes hydrogen through a fuel cell stack to produce electricity which powers the vehicle's electric motor.
    • Laws now on the books in California, Massachusetts and New York, collectively a quarter of the U.S. auto market, set stringent limits on tailpipe emissions and will require substantial sale of zero-emission cars by 2003.
    • With global climate change and our dependence on foreign oil, the potential zero-emission hydrogen economy appears a great hope.
    • Universally applied, zero-emission hydrogen-fuel technology could have a dramatic impact - providing the hydrogen was produced using clean energy.