Traducción de zero-sum en Español:


de suma cero, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈˌzɪroʊ ˈsəm//ˈˌziroʊ ˈsəm/


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    de suma cero
    zero-sum game juego de suma cero masculino
    • What about the two types of games, zero-sum and non-zero-sum?
    • It is helpful to present this puzzle as a two-person, zero-sum, win-lose game.
    • According to game theory, organisms often find themselves in zero-sum situations.
    • In the process, the writ of the government starts losing relevance, and it all becomes a zero-sum game
    • In the larger game, the logic is not zero-sum: everybody can win.
    • This appointment process is a zero-sum political struggle, and both sides are out to deal each other a major, damaging defeat.
    • As long as economic relations are seen as zero-sum, one side can win only if the other loses.
    • The context is zero-sum: one player's win has to be at the expense of the other, whether in goods captured or opponents eliminated.
    • Businesses are discovering that mediational modes arc cheaper and more effective than litigation-precisely because of the adversarial, zero-sum nature of litigation.
    • There is no returning to the old days of Father Knows Best corporatism, of top-down command-and-control leadership, of low-road, zero-sum competition.
    • The capitalist makes his bid in a positive-sum context; the government's game is zero-sum even before the auction takes place.
    • In a zero-sum budgetary game, welfare can hardly yield its share, while defense can do some.
    • We start to understand a lot more about a zero-sum society, where if some get a benefit others have to lose.
    • The second type of compromise is zero-sum, where a benefit to one side requires sacrifice by the other.
    • In a zero-sum competitive scenario, the parent and progeny directly compete over resources in the same market position, making the success of the offspring inversely related to the success of the parent.
    • Most involve zero-sum derivative contracts where gains to one party equal losses to the other.
    • For example, if it is viewed as a zero-sum aggressor-defender situation, one party's gain is the other's loss.
    • A conflict that was previously regarded as zero-sum for either side can now be seen as win-win for both.
    • The zero-sum manpower game that Killebrew talks about means that many combat soldiers will be reclassified and retrained.
    • The British attitude to immigration and immigrants has always been grudging, a mixture of xenophobia and socialist zero-sum economics.