Traducción de zero tolerance en Español:

zero tolerance

tolerancia cero, n.


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    tolerancia cero femenino
    cero tolerancia femenino
    before noun zero tolerance-zero tolerance policy una política de tolerancia cero / de cero tolerancia
    • Illegal parking outside schools is the next target on Witham police's zero tolerance hit list.
    • Rather than build facilities, the government prefers zero tolerance and punishment.
    • What happened to the patrols we were promised by the police and zero tolerance?
    • Police have been cracking down in the area on prostitution creating zero tolerance zones.
    • The latest edict from Murrayfield on zero tolerance for violent behaviour was also tested when a fight broke out.
    • I would also like to remind our President about his speech on zero tolerance of corruption.
    • First and foremost I would like to commend the head of state for his zero tolerance for waste and corruption.
    • She has declared a national program of zero tolerance of violence against women.
    • Let there be zero tolerance for abuse and violence against women!
    • Every employer should have a written policy of zero tolerance for workplace violence.
    • He said there would be zero tolerance and the police would be aggressive in dealing with unruly elements.
    • The latest twist in the tale is an apparent conflict between drug abuse zero tolerance and medical applications of the drug.
    • Policing is being pressured to have zero tolerance of the socially marginal and outsiders.
    • The authorities talk about zero tolerance when it comes to taxi violence.
    • Their zero tolerance crackdown has led to some people taking their case to court - where they lost and had to pay double.
    • They are stepping up their campaign of zero tolerance to combat violence towards staff
    • The Web has proven that customers have zero tolerance for fragmented lines of business.
    • If we want to send out a strong message on zero tolerance of violence against women then we should start here.
    • Zero tolerance for drugs means zero tolerance for absent-mindedness.
    • Mrs Charity said one test for good governance in areas needing aid was zero tolerance of corruption.