Translation of A in Spanish:


A, n.


Pronunciation: /eɪ//eɪ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(letter)

      a feminine
      the A to Z of Gardening el ABC de la jardinería
      • he knows his subject from A to Z conoce el tema perfectamente / de cabo a rabo
      • to get from A to B ir de un sitio a otro

    • 1.2Music

      la masculine
      to give sb an A darle el la a algn
      • A flat/sharp/natural la bemol/sostenido/natural
      • A major/minor la mayor/menor
      • the piece is in A la pieza es en la mayor

    • 1.3(grade)

      sobresaliente masculine

      calificación en la escala que va de A a F en orden decreciente

  • 2

    blood group A grupo sanguíneo A masculine
  • 3

    • 3.1(in house numbers)

      35A 35 bis

    • 3.2(in sizes of paper)

      A3 A3 British 420 x 297mm
      • A4 A4 297 x 210mm
      • A5 A5 210 x 148mm

    • 3.3British

      before noun A road carretera nacional feminine

      indicador de carretera o ruta nacional

  • 4

    en primer lugar
    número uno

Translation of a in Spanish:


un, det.


Pronunciation: /ə//ə//eɪ//eɪ/

indefinite determiner

  • 1

    I have a problem/a question/an idea tengo un problema/una pregunta/una idea
    • a Mrs Smith called llamó una tal señora Smith
    • she's a lawyer es abogada
    • she's a famous lawyer es una famosa abogada
    • have you got a car/light? ¿tienes coche/fuego?
    • he didn't say a word no dijo ni una palabra
    • they're six dollars a kilo están a seis dólares el kilo
    • half a dozen/an hour media docena/hora
    • what a pity/coincidence! ¡qué lástima/casualidad!
    • what a huge dog! ¡qué perro más enorme!
    • half a cup/spoonful media taza/cucharada
  • 2

    twice a week dos veces por semana / a la semana
    • 50 miles an hour 50 millas por hora
    • The truckers are angry at the rise in diesel prices, which currently average 81.3p a litre.
    • The site takes in 2,000 tons of trash on a typical day, charging an average $30 a ton.
    • You can't drive over five miles an hour down any street in New York.
    • The price of gold rose last week to $309 an ounce - and at one point was $312, its highest for two years.
    • I type 15 words a minute with a lot of mistakes.