Translation of Mafioso in Spanish:


mafioso, n.


Pronunciation /mɑfiˈoʊsoʊ//ˌmafɪˈəʊzəʊ//ˌmafɪˈəʊsəʊ/

nounPlural Mafiosi

  • 1

    mafioso masculine
    mafiosa feminine
    • Brought up in a household of Mafiosi, living on the tough streets of Los Angeles, I was no fool about the violence other people do to each other.
    • As he knew himself, however, his father's own status as a Mafioso protected him from reprisals.
    • Today, however, many senior Mafiosi in Italy and America have turned the state's evidence against the organisation.
    • Hess also maintained that self-help promoted by self interest amongst individual Mafioso could often be mistaken for organizational solidarity.
    • Being the first non-Italian Mafioso was a very attractive position; it would bring him the power and respect he had wanted since he was a teenager.