Translation of Victorian in Spanish:


victoriano, adj.

Pronunciation /vɪkˈtɔriən//vɪkˈtɔːrɪən/


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    • At the top of the tall, narrow Victorian townhouse, on a small landing beneath a skylight, perches Gunn's writing desk.
    • The old Victorian building had a narrow fringe of concrete playground, but not a single blade of grass.
    • This is as dutiful and strong-willed a creed as any Victorian moralist could hope for.
    • So the new blocks are built around quadrangles in the style of a Victorian school.
    • This was a vote for old-fashioned Victorian values, a belief in patriotism, the family, church and public service.
    • These schools, which are often like Victorian borstals, still exist.
    • It is a place of prostitution and opium, and a home to the many hapless children orphaned by the double standards of Victorian society.
    • Lord Arthur Savile is a young, privileged pillar of Victorian society whose wedding day is soon approaching.
    • It gets curiouser and curiouser as it creates a straitjacketed Victorian world and then shows that the lunatics have taken over the asylum.
    • Rioting was a feature of life in early 19th century Britain, a fact to be born in mind when people talk about Victorian values.
    • It was a moral code which long outlasted the Victorian era, and vestiges of it still remain.
    • He spoke to me about the origins of the Society in the late Victorian period when there was a great deal of interest in the occult.
    • During the Fling, Leat's pieces will be showcased here in the old converted Victorian schoolhouse he uses as a workshop.
    • It seems as if we are living in a society that has burned its bras while still wearing the Victorian corset.
    • But he is often a crushing bore, apart from being a Victorian puritan mistakenly born in India.
    • One sometimes suspects that the thing lying at the heart of Victorian attitudes to life was the idea of illusion.
    • The hotel is a Victorian mansion that is grand without being stuffy, and it has one of the best chefs in Scotland.
    • Just because a few designers have endorsed the frilly blouse, it doesn't mean we are returning to actual Victorian values.
    • A team from Pocklington School will take on ten men from the town in Victorian kit and rules in a re-enactment of the first game played in the town.
    • The beetles' iridescent wings were used in the Victorian era like sequins to decorate the dresses of society women.
    • Picture this opening scene: after a night at the opera the great and the good of Victorian high society flood out on to the streets of London.
    • The Little Brown book provides a fascinating study of life in Victorian times, its attitudes, squalor and suffering.
    • Many of the schools are built on split sites or have outdated Victorian buildings.
    • Given the results, we could all end up embracing her brand of Victorian values.
    • Peter Moody, partner of Hudson Moody, said Victorian properties in York had seen some of the biggest value increases.
    • The Irish Georgian Society will advise on Georgian and Victorian properties.
    • I think they want to replace sex education with dark, Victorian values.
    • Yet the Readers are not quite the caricatures of Victorian morality one might expect.
    • Too many of our schools are in Victorian buildings or in 1960s prefabs that have been waiting to fall down for 20 years.
    • Having attacked Victorian morality, Wilde succumbs to its lust for melodrama.
    • After all, since we have inherited a Victorian system of Government so should we abide by a Victorian morality.
    • The elegant Victorian brick-fronted schoolhouse has bequeathed a number of original features to its new owners.
    • This country seems to want Victorian values for some things in life, but 21st century values in most others.
    • Understated literary allusions and layers of irony give Victorian attitudes a sly contemporary look.
    • I have a wonderful image of Victorian times, with Victorian values.
    • This may be a reflection of Victorian attitudes towards mental instability.
    • It is described as a romance, set across the social divide in the world of Victorian industrial society.
    • The true range and complexity of Victorian views and values are only now being recognized.
    • The new school replaces a Victorian building and several mobile classrooms.
    • Is it some twisted Victorian value that academically gifted people should not be seen to rise above their place?
    • Gone are the pompous, moralistic tomes full of Victorian values and happy endings.
    • The obscenity of surrendering state education to corporate benefactors reeks of Victorian attitudes to the poor.