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    (without payment)
    (service/repair/travel) gratuitamente
    (repair/service/travel) gratis
    you get one free / (informal) for free with every packet con cada paquete te regalan uno / te dan uno gratis
    • I got in for free entré gratis / sin pagar / de balde
    • And I got another one free with the paper the other day, which would be quite light to post.
    • The Trust will shortly open a Help Centre in the city to provide counselling for patients free of cost.
    • Boys suffering any sort of injury will be taken to the hospital, and treated free of cost.
    • Child specialist, Dr H Raju, will treat these children free of cost every Tuesday.
    • The management had provided all the text books, free of cost to the students.
    • Leprosy awareness has however increased and it can be cured at the initial stage, free of cost.
    • Those who cannot afford to pay this fee are exempted and treated free of cost.
    • I like London, particularly now that I can travel about it free with my old person's Freedom Pass.
    • As throughout the summer, children under five can swim free with a parent or carer at Kingfisher Leisure Centre.
    • Anything which is given free of cost will not be appreciated and it will be misused.
    • It comes free with the food and is so good you are in danger of eating too much and blunting your appetite.
    • I still have a T-shirt that came free with 200 cigarettes from a Tenerife supermarket.
    • Think of the thousands of small webcams that come free with computer packages.
    • The magazine will be distributed free of cost to create awareness in the community and society.
    • I f a unit of electricity cannot be produced free of cost, it should not be given to anybody free of cost.
    • Banks may soon get a screen-based platform to trade in foreign currencies free of cost.
    • When our government says basic education will be imparted free of cost it simply offers not to charge tuition fees.
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    (without restriction)
    (roam/run/wander) a su antojo