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    his last play is less amusing su última obra es menos divertida / no es tan divertida
    • I see them less often than I'd like los veo menos de lo que me gustaría
    • the situation is no less serious than it was la situación sigue siendo tan grave como antes
    • the less valuable of the two paintings el menos valioso de los dos cuadros
    • the less you practise, the more difficult it becomes cuanto menos practicas, más difícil te resulta
    • As we focus on that, what happens to the institution becomes less important.
    • It's less important that they suffer than we're made to look stupid.
    • It is said that this kind of convention is getting less important in modern China.
    • In reality, the factors that caused the war are far less important than its consequences.
    • What I am trying to say is that the end result makes the platform choice less important.
    • The story itself appears less important than the manner in which it has been told.
    • Small HDL particles are much less effective at soaking up their bad brethren.
    • Well, now that we have broadband, the ability to load pages without images has become a lot less important.
    • One apparently almost universal discriminatory practice was to pay women less than men.
    • I think labels are less important than practical solutions to fund museums.
    • I look up and see he is wearing rather academic spectacles, which makes him look slightly less threatening.
    • The same trend applies, albeit to a less impressive extent, in the abbreviated format.
    • At first, the design of the network will seem less important than the content that is moved over it.
    • Lower leaves often turn yellow as the plant begins to head and become less important.
    • Alcohol use disorders are considerably less common in this age range than they are among younger individuals.
    • That is part of the answer, but a less important part than the nature of the new legislation.
    • Sometimes the vanity is so strong that the health or even the life of the kids becomes less important.
    • To some extent the presence or absence of fine writing is even less important to me here than it is with people journals.
    • Suddenly the whole prospect seems considerably less appealing.
    • Punitive and other reactions were considerably less common.