Translation of long in Spanish:


largo, adj.

Pronunciation /lɒŋ//lɔŋ//lɑŋ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(in space)

      (distance/hair/legs) largo
      how long do you want the skirt? ¿cómo quieres la falda de larga?
      • the wall is 200 m long el muro mide 200 m de largo
      • it was a long three miles for the runners las tres millas se les hicieron muy largas a los corredores
      • it's a long way to Tulsa from here Tulsa queda bastante lejos de aquí
      • to be long in the leg tener las piernas largas
      • the grass is getting very long la hierba está creciendo mucho
      • a long drink un trago largo
      • His face, though powerful, was marred by a long scar stretching across his forehead.
      • Turning, he could see the dark line of cliffs from which he had come, and a long stretch of beach.
      • Among the supplies is a heavy knife with a long blade that will work as a tool or a weapon.
      • She is described as white, about 25, of medium build, with long straight brown hair.
      • The strikes continue today and bosses are warning claimants and job seekers to expect long queues.
      • The hoods of their robes covered their heads, and they wore long belts of white rope.
      • My room was at the end of a very long hallway with no doors along most of its length.
      • She has long straight blonde hair, which she usually wears in a ponytail.
      • After a couple of lefts and a right she found herself in a long, straight corridor.
      • I am the last in a relatively long queue.
      • Neighbours say he had a pronounced limp and had shaved his head while retaining his long beard.
      • High hedging ensures a good deal of privacy and the long driveway provides ample parking.
      • The zoo was packed with happy children and there were long queues to get in.
      • He had long eyelashes.
      • She deftly ties a knot at the end of a long piece of thread before poking the other quickly through the needle's eye.
      • Girls with long hair must tie it back with burgundy or black clips to match the uniform.
      • He started the car and began to drive down the long road from the camp to the highway.
      • The President sits at the head of a long table, immaculately dressed in a suit and striped tie.
      • Some of the roads are long and winding which results in numerous blindspots along the way.
      • The bride given in marriage by her father Tommy looked radiant in a white dress with long train.

    • 1.2(extensive)

      (list/letter/book) largo
      the book is over 300 pages long el libro tiene más de 300 páginas
      • Inquiry reports are often long, comprehensive, densely written, and hard to read.
      • Don't be put off by the long list of ingredients: it is really easy to make.
      • The long list of activities includes boxing training, snooker and computer games.
      • Despite a long list of honorary titles she has remained far from grand.
      • While both men have a long list of achievements to their credit, neither is in the first flush of youth.
      • I met a German lady who sat in the piazza with a dictionary so that she could write a long letter to me.
      • Vegetarians are well catered for and the chef will rustle up a long list of meat-free dishes on request.
      • An incredibly long menu makes perfect sense in head office, but causes havoc in the kitchen.
      • All I came up with was a series of brain achingly long reports that left me more confused than when I started.
      • The attacks are the latest in a long list of violent crimes to have blighted Yorkshire in the last month.
      • Ms Kelly said the department eventually put out a long report so that no one would notice its conclusions.
      • I made a long list of promises to God of how good I'd be in future if only we could get this sorted out.
      • Replacing the bathroom was way down on a long list of home improvement jobs, but it has now made it to the top.
      • The former president has a long list of credits not only here at home but abroad.
      • Now they have turned to a police offender profiler to try and narrow down a long list of potential suspects.
      • He was the original Hollywood heart-throb, a star with good looks and a long list of lovers.
      • Lots of things are bad for us, including a long list of potentially unhealthy foods.
      • Getting older no longer leads to a long list of activities that you fear even attempting.
      • Rarely before had such a long novel been allowed the integrity to express itself.
      • The vegetarian menu takes up a page, and there is a long list of fish and poultry dishes.

    • 1.3Linguistics

      (syllable/vowel) largo
      • A trochee is a metrical foot of two syllables, the first long and the second short.
      • Vocal delivery feels like a poetry reading, spoken as much as sung, but with long drawn syllables.
      • French long vowels always occur on stressed syllables.
      • Let's assume that long syllables take just twice as long to say as short ones.
      • In French, Italian, and Scottish English long vowels occur in a narrow range of positions and in general do not affect meaning.
      • The big problem with long vowels is that there is more than one way to spell the same sound.

  • 2

    (in time)
    (investigation/struggle) largo
    (period/illness) prolongado
    (illness/period) largo
    what are your long-term prospects? ¿qué perspectivas tienes a largo plazo?
    • how long was your flight? ¿cuánto duró el vuelo?
    • the movie is three hours long la película dura tres horas
    • two months isn't long enough dos meses no son suficientes / no es tiempo suficiente
    • she's been gone a long time/while hace tiempo/rato que se fue
    • the nights are getting longer las noches se están haciendo más largas
    • he works long hours trabaja muchas horas
    • she gave me a long, hard stare se me quedó mirando con dureza
    • If you are going on vacation for a long period, you can ask the neighbour to keep a watch on your home.
    • Britain's defeat means their long search for a gold medal in the men's team pursuit goes on.
    • Subsequently I have battled a lot of physical ailments, some of long duration.
    • Swindon Traffic Police said long delays were expected due to the volume of the traffic.
    • After an excruciatingly long pause, Amy gasped.
    • Health problems need to be attended to and resolved or they can linger for a long time.
    • Sometimes he takes a long time between balls and then, for a change, he simply turns and comes right at you.
    • If they open their windows, the smell pervades their homes and lingers there for a long time.
    • The author had a long career in journalism and his final post was that of executive editor of the European.
    • The irregular working hours and long gaps between jobs meant I had lots of time for boyfriends.
    • Loud arguments and minor scuffles are a common sight, as the long wait wears down patience.
    • Nicole said that she did not think she would be ready to marry anyone for a long time.
    • At the end of another match he surprised the crowd by breaking into a long speech about Oscar Wilde.
    • They spent long periods chasing the ball.
    • Colleagues today paid tribute to their engine driver, who had made many friends during his long career.
    • I actually managed to get my long speech done in two takes which I was delighted with.
    • Aged 39, he was looking forward to a long and successful career in local government.
    • It took her quite a long time to get dressed and undressed.
    • Once the trailers were over, there was an unusually long pause when the screen was just black.
    • However, if you had been a drugs dealer, you could have expected a long prison sentence.
  • 3informal

    (well endowed with)
    to be long on sth
    • a speech long on rhetoric, but short on substance un discurso cargado de retórica pero falto de sustancia
    • They are long on opinions, but short on evidence.
    • Many of the businesses we work in seem long on management and short on leadership.
    • The minister has shown she is long on rhetoric but short on action.
    • Both movies are extremely long on mystery and innuendo.
    • The hearing which followed was long on plausibility, but short on actuality.
    • He is long on promises, but short on accomplishments.
    • And while Scotland were long on perspiration, they were woefully short on inspiration.
  • 4

    (stock/bill) a largo plazo
    • Is there a worldwide shortage of long bonds?
    • Provided that restricted shares can be bought at a deep discount to market, it would make much sense for the group holding long shares to try and convert those shares into a far greater number of restricted shares.
    • That does not rule out the potential of long stocks that are going up during a down- trending market, but the probability of that happening is not as high as the alternative.
    • After all, back in the seventies, the long bond yield was up in the mid teens.
    • For this reason, their value is often calculated by making reference to the long bond yield.