Translation of A & R in Spanish:

A & R

departamento de contratación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌeɪənˈɑː(r)//ˌeɪənˈɑːr/


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    (de una compañía discográfica) departamento de contratación masculine
    • So I'd always disappear whenever the A & R man came down to the studio.
    • That really freaked out the publicity lady and my A & R guy and the other publicist.
    • As an A & R man he signed an artist who drove his record label broke.
    • I'd done a lot of changing my tune, literally, for A & R people.
    • Their A & R is second to none, their licensing always shrewd and the compilations excellent.
    • The label is interesting because we don't have an A & R department.
    • This attitude is not unlike that of an A & R executive at any other record company.
    • Having graduated quickly to front of stage, demos were sent out and dutifully the A & R men wined and dined the rising star.
    • It begins with indie buzz and heartfelt promises from a hip A & R exec.
    • I'm sure the A & R people are just as depressed as we are.
    • One of our friends was actually dating one of their A & R reps.
    • What did your A & R work for Warner Brothers teach you?
    • Record producers, A & R managers and journalists have access to a very large band roster online.
    • It was all about getting the right A & R people out.
    • Our A & R (artists and repertoire) person almost got fired.
    • I'd be curious to see what the ages of their A & R folk are.
    • Part gatekeeper and part bloodhound, an A & R person ideally has a good ear and a passion for music.
    • We were at Number One in America once, and our A & R man said, ‘Yes, but is it a hit?’
    • My favorite producer of all time is John Hammond, who was the A & R guy who signed Billie Holiday and Count Basie, and produced a lot of their early records.
    • But perhaps he should be made to relearn the A & R man's mantra: don't give up the day job.
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