Translation of A level in Spanish:

A level

in UK exc Scotland, n.


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    in UK exc Scotland
    • The large number of A grades this year in the A-level backs up this explanation.
    • The gifted A-level student suffered from a rare heart defect which caused her to collapse at the wheel of her car leading to the crash.
    • Compiled by the Press Association news agency, it ranked previously known top schools in terms of their A-level points score.
    • The hopes and dreams of thousands of teenagers hung in the balance on Thursday as they tore into brown envelopes for their A-level results.
    • A kindhearted teenager built a safari area free of charge for youngsters at an infants school as part of his A-level studies.
    • Chris had just completed his A-level studies at St John's School, Marlborough.
    • If they continue with their education, this is followed with GCSE, AS levels and A2-or A level - exams at the age of 16, 17 and 18.
    • The dispute forced the college to send home A-level students for a study day, although it remained open to those on vocational courses.
    • My A level physics practical exam featured an accident too, though far less exciting than this one.
    • Today, his father paid tribute to the hospital staff who saved his life and said he understood why the brave A-level student wants to kite surf again.
    • Defenders of the new A-level point to the ‘pressures’ of doing coursework.
    • It's an A-level commentary, providing a lot of depth and insight for the viewer.
    • An A-level student. surnamed Lee, said he had moved to Tsuen Wan before the isolation order was imposed.
    • Seeing all the A-level students reminded me of three years ago.
    • Or that simply passing English exams at Cambridge GCE O and A levels isn't good enough now.
    • I received an email through the site from a young woman doing an A-level journalism course who wanted to write a story about street harassment.
    • Girls have won a greater proportion of passes at A-level for the last eight years.
    • There are about 20 lads staying on to do GNVQ, so they can start the A-level course next year.
    • I famously, because I travelled a lot but also because I was slack and didn't pay attention, booked and paid for my A level English literature exam, but was so far behind that I didn't even show up on the day.
    • This was the first time such a concession had been made in her school for an A-level student.