Translation of about in Spanish:


más o menos, adv.

Pronunciation: /əˈbaʊt//əˈbaʊt/


  • 1

    más o menos
    he's about my age tiene más o menos mi edad
    • she must be about 60 debe (de) andar por los 60
    • at about six o'clock sobre las seis
    • there were about 12 of us éramos unos 12
    • they should be arriving about now deben (de) estar a punto de llegar
    • in about three hours en unas tres horas
    • about a month ago hará un mes
    • the soup must be about ready by now la sopa tiene que estar ya casi lista
    • that's about it for today eso es todo por hoy
    • about time too! ¡ya era hora!
    • Plane Tree Grove is a residential area about a quarter of a mile from the airport.
    • They held up movements for about eight hours and the road was effectively closed.
    • A lot of us got out and waited for the emergency services, who arrived within about ten minutes.
    • I spent about twenty minutes reading the wrong manual until JoAnn tactfully pointed out the mistake.
    • I read the graphic and then saw the film all within about a week of each other.
    • Arab traders took Islam to the area in about the twelfth century, possibly even earlier.
    • I get about five emails per day from them.
  • 2

    to be about to + inf
    • I'm sorry, you were about to say something perdón, ibas a decir algo
    • we were just about to start eating estábamos a punto de empezar a comer
    • I'm not about to mention it to her no tengo la más mínima intención de mencionárselo
  • 3

    • 3.1(from one place to another)

      the dog followed him about el perro lo seguía a todas partes
      • she travels about a lot viaja mucho
      • he knows his way about conoce la ciudad (/ la zona etc. )
      • she's very old and can't get about very easily es muy mayor y le cuesta desplazarse
      • What does swimming about and spontaneously singing bits of the Batman theme song mean?
      • They emptied the pool of its water by splashing about and then threw toys and sand into it.
      • You go in feet first - there's enough room to move about and then come out head first.
      • The day was too warm and too nice for rushing about.
      • A small space was fenced off so that the lion could move about, unhindered.

    • 3.2(in various directions)

      he was waving a knife about blandía un cuchillo
      • she rummaged about in her bag revolvió en el bolso
      • he glanced about nervously miraba nervioso a su alrededor

  • 4

    • 4.1British (in the vicinity, in circulation)

      is Teresa about? ¿Teresa anda por aquí?
      • there's not much traffic about today hoy no hay mucho tráfico
      • she's about somewhere anda por aquí
      • she's somewhere about anda por aquí
      • I'm not usually about that early no suelo estar allí/aquí tan temprano
      • there's a lot of flu about hay mucha gente con gripe
      • he's very mean — there's a lot of it about es muy tacaño — eso es algo que abunda
      • Couches, armchairs and tables were scattered about the place.
      • Houdini relied on great skill, low cunning, and keeping tiny metal picklocks concealed about his person.
      • The site was overgrown and there was refuse strewn about the area.
      • She looked inside to find the contents scattered about and then heard noises upstairs.
      • I have friends scattered about Australia.
      • She had scars all about her body and face.

    • 4.2British literary (on all sides)

      por todas partes


  • 1

    acerca de
    a book about Greece un libro acerca de / sobre Grecia
    • what's the play about? ¿de qué se trata la obra?
    • he wants to see you — what about? quiere verte — ¿acerca de qué?
    • she said nothing about that no dijo nada acerca de / (con) respecto a / sobre eso
    • about tonight: are you coming? (con) respecto a lo de esta noche ¿vas a venir?
    • what was all that shouting about? ¿a qué venían todos esos gritos?
    • what about Helen? isn't she coming? ¿y Helen? ¿no viene?
    • and Helen? — what about Helen? ¿y Helen? — ¿qué pasa con Helen?
    • that's what it's all about de eso se trata
    • politics is all about persuading people en política de lo que se trata es de convencer a la gente
    • I don't know what to buy her — what about a record? no sé qué comprarle — ¿qué te parece / qué tal un disco?
    • she won — how about that! ganó — ¡pues qué te parece! / ¡pues mira tú!
    • what he is/they are about
    • I hope you know what you're about espero que sepas lo que haces
    • I don't understand what he's about no entiendo qué es lo que pretende
  • 2

    (pertaining to)
    there's something about him that I don't like tiene algo que no me acaba de gustar
    • what's so unusual about that? ¿qué tiene eso de raro?
    • the place has a certain charm about it el lugar tiene cierto encanto
  • 3

    (engaged in)
    while you're about it, could you fetch my book? ¿me traes el libro de paso?
    • why did you take so long about it? ¿por qué tardaste tanto (en hacerlo)?
  • 4British

    (in, on, through)
    they were playing about the house estaban jugando en la casa
    • he wandered about the empty streets recorrió las calles vacías
  • 5literary

    alrededor de
  • 6British

    (on one's person)
    do you have a pencil about you? ¿tienes un lápiz?