Translation of abrupt in Spanish:


repentino, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈbrəpt//əˈbrʌpt/


  • 1

    (departure/conclusion) repentino
    (conclusion/departure) súbito
    (decline/rise) abrupto
    (decline/rise) brusco
    • It was Jim Green's retirement dream - a comfortable home in a warm and sunny spot with friendly people and a slower pace of life - until it all came to an abrupt and violent end.
    • A completely unexpected and abrupt ending saw my jaw drop.
    • Patients with such implants should not receive an abrupt and unexpected communication from their surgeon that they now form part of research into an untested implant.
    • Charlie blinked, surprised at the abrupt change of subject.
    • Hence I am opting for an abrupt and immediate withdrawal.
    • The heady progress of Liszt's career was brought to an abrupt halt by the unexpected death of his father in 1827.
    • What prompted this sudden and abrupt change of attitude by Canada?
    • It was not a gradual shift but rather a sudden and abrupt change.
    • I just think I've had too many sudden, abrupt, unexpected, and unwelcome changes in my plans to be able to commit to more plans in advance.
    • Then, with abrupt violence, the door slams open.
    • The fear of every columnist the world over is that the ideas will dry up, that the thought process will suddenly come to an abrupt halt and you are left staring at a blank computer screen.
    • However, the other boat suddenly came to an abrupt halt, amid much cursing and shouting from its wetsuited skipper and his drysuited mate.
    • He halted suddenly, making an abrupt left down a narrow alley Nara didn't like the looks of.
    • The abrupt change in subject startles them both.
    • The sudden, abrupt death from a heart attack of the 14-year-old from Strensall shattered all those who knew and loved him.
    • But this year he has surprised many with an abrupt about-turn because something in his head seems to have clicked into place.
    • She looked taken aback for a second; the change of subject had been abrupt.
    • I have a close friend who is prone to similarly abrupt and violent changes of mind.
    • The fairy tale romance has come to an abrupt and totally unexpected end.
    • Drusilla suddenly came to an abrupt stop and Miri bumped into her.
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    (reply/manner) abrupto
    (manner/reply) brusco
    (manner/reply) cortante
    he was very abrupt fue muy brusco / cortante
    • He began to tell me about whirling electrons and orthicon-tubes and other nonsense, but I cut him short with an abrupt wave.
    • Though critics saw him as quick-tempered, harsh, abrupt, and arbitrary, practically everyone recognized his genius as a chief of staff.
    • Having said that, I do not think I deserved the very abrupt and curt way in which I was treated by Mr Hutchinson on trying to explain the situation to him.
    • It can make us rude, abrupt and impatient, but it can also inspire us to tremendous courage, bravery and leadership.
    • Every year, it churns out yet another batch of churlish, abrupt or simply stupid workers who take a giant leap and land directly behind a counter or bar at a service area near you.
    • Writer, M. Leelavathy, was abrupt though sharp in her observation.
    • ‘They were quite abrupt and offhand,’ says Elliot, who is now 39.
    • Into the replying email she typed a short, abrupt message.
    • I couldn't help laughing at his abrupt, gruff delivery of the estimate.
    • Deron's expression showed nothing, though I knew he must be surprised by the abrupt rudeness of it.
    • By rude I mean abrupt, tactless, straightforward, honest.
    • This is what people have thought about Martha Stewart, that she is rude, abrupt, and abrasive.
    • She was often mean and rude and abrupt, but, then again, most people were at some point.
    • He was never rude or abrupt, but he was one of those guys who tended to his business and left everyone else to theirs.
    • Many of the e-mails that I receive are written in an extremely rude and abrupt tone.
    • But they're rude, they're abrupt, and they act like little tin Hitlers, lording it over their domain.
    • Most patients were content with their care, the determining feature of discontent being a doctor seen as rude, abrupt, or unsympathetic.
    • I wanted to ask who the hell he was, but I didn't think that he was very likely to give me an answer to that, especially considering his abrupt and rude manner.
    • Howard Dean was often brusque and abrupt with the press.
    • A long, drawn out, boring evening with terribly rude and abrupt service.