Translation of absence in Spanish:


ausencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæbsəns//ˈabs(ə)ns/


  • 1

    (of person)
    ausencia feminine
    in her absence en su ausencia
    • to be sentenced in one's absence ser juzgado en rebeldía
    • no one mourned his absence nadie lamentó su ausencia
    • after an absence of six weeks después de una ausencia de seis semanas
    • her frequent absences from school sus frecuentes faltas de asistencia al colegio
    • If a child has ten unauthorised absences during a six-week period then a parent is sent a fixed penalty notice warning.
    • The under-17 age squad was badly affected by holidays and absences but still turned in some great performances.
    • All council staff know that the majority of absences are left uncovered.
    • With people keen to enjoy the heat, the number of unauthorised absences from work were reported to be high.
    • He has undoubtedly made up for that absence and has drawn warm praise from his manager and admiration from the fans.
    • The only thing that ever gets him down is prolonged absences from three-year-old daughter Zoe, who still lives in Holland.
    • In 2001 teachers in Doncaster and London refused to cover for absences any longer than three days.
    • Headteacher Gillian James said the protest was good-natured but warned that future absences would be punished.
    • It revealed more than 60 per cent of firms experienced absences last year due to stress at work.
    • She had completed freshman year, and only had to make up a couple of courses over the summer to makeup her absences.
    • You should keep records of absences and introduce a trigger mechanism that alerts you to look into regular absenteeism and the reasons for it.
    • The following year I implemented this regime and the absences reduced to two days in a whole year.
    • The innovative scheme could be used to send revision questions and exam timetables, or chase-up homework and absences.
    • All school absences should be explained in writing to your child's teacher.
    • However, she came under increasing criticism for her frequent absences while running her other company in Santiago de Chile.
    • Wouldn't the employer want to suffer one day of not having an employee than having the potential of multiple absences in one day?
    • Anderson's absences caused by knee problems down through the years have not proved the handicaps they could have been.
    • Rex continues to preach once each quarter and happily stands in for any absences.
    • He added that his school had already greatly reduced the numbers of unauthorised absences to well below the national average.
    • Even temporary absences from them seemed to suggest, in her darkest moments, the immutable separation of death.
  • 2

    falta feminine
    absence of sth falta de algo
    • in the absence of suitable alternatives/a better suggestion a falta de alternativas adecuadas/una sugerencia mejor
    • there was absence of malice/intent no hubo dolo (penal)/intención
    • The absence of a smoke detector in the room has prompted an immediate investigation.
    • In the absence of firm evidence and reliable facts, it is that line which tends to be followed.
    • In the absence of a decent World Cup anthem, we invited you to pen an official Guardian song.
    • Yes, the almost total absence of rural policing is a major problem in urgent need of a solution.
    • In the absence of named candidates or any real campaign about policy, what is an election?
    • In the absence of any treatable cause, the best that can be offered is control of the symptoms.
    • Mr Wilkins said the absence of a cinema in the town is a commonly raised issue.
    • How could you have possibly not noticed the absence of such a fundamental requirement?
    • In the absence of pictorial reality we reach instinctively for clues to some sort of story.
    • Courts also have the option of hearing the case in the absence of the defendant, he warned.