Translation of absent in Spanish:


ausente, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈabs(ə)nt//ˈæbsənt/


  • 1

    (not present)
    the teacher marked her absent el profesor le puso falta / la anotó ausente
    • to be absent from sth faltar a algo
    • she was absent from school faltó al colegio
    • to go absent without order of leave / without leave ausentarse sin permiso
    • to absent friends! ¡por los amigos ausentes!
    • You don't have to agree with any of their viewpoints to realise that it is unhealthy for democracy to have such voices absent from the House of Commons.
    • The new scheme will give head teachers the power to issue on-the-spot fines if a child is absent from school without permission.
    • And yet, health is virtually absent from public debates and democratic politics in India.
    • Part of the new arrangements will see people being paid minimum contractual hours when absent from work and not the average hours they currently receive.
    • The director of strategy and development was to have been disciplined over the matter but was absent from work through sickness and later resigned.
    • These powerful processes are absent from the European Commission.
    • Noticeably absent from the Havana conference were trade union representatives from the USA and Canada.
    • It is hoped the latest clampdown will be particularly effective in tackling pupils who travel out of their own districts when absent from school.
    • Hotels, casinos, holiday-makers and rivercraft are conspicuously absent from Monet's work.
    • Here is a government made up largely of men who have spent huge periods of time almost completely absent from their children's lives.
    • They have the natural goodness that is absent from processed cereals, and they can lower cholesterol and reduce constipation.
    • The other nurse, who continues to suffer ill health arising from the near assault, has been absent from work on a number of occasions.
    • But, unfortunately, insight of this sort is absent from this book.
    • Remarkably, however, nectar is absent from those species that produce pseudopollen.
    • This livestock disease is endemic in countries unable to afford intensive agriculture, yet has been absent from Europe for three decades.
    • But there is also a feeling of wit and hope, conspicuously absent from the previous show, which suggests a new inner positivity.
    • While there are 50 or more volunteers already, more are needed to replace those who may have to be absent from time to time.
    • Shouldn't we be working on getting in touch with this technology so that we can keep track of children and young people who are absent from school?
    • The meeting will continue today because six of the committee's members were absent from Tuesday's session.
    • Kids being kids, they asked if they could have chips, but the ubiquitous fried potato was absent from this particular hostelry.
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    his famous sense of humor was conspicuously absent su famoso sentido del humor brilló por su ausencia
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    (look) distraído
    (look) ausente
    • At others her expression and demeanour almost seem absent, detached, as if beyond the music.
    • Verity gave her a small and rather absent smile as she hunted around the kitchen, searching the space near the kettle and the shelves by the window.
    • She raised her head in an absent manner, and eyed the leering man with clouded eyes.
    • She just looked at him, curious as to why his absent expression was now missing, replaced by a foolish something.
    • Ms. Crew reached for the door handle, her face frozen in an absent smile.
    • A little Dutch clock in the bar struck one while Lady Audley lingered in this irresolute, absent manner.
    • Jasmine jolted to a halt and stared aghast into the unholy creature's absent eyes.
    • His face wore an absent expression, as of deep thought, and I became afraid that if his eyes did light upon me he would nevertheless not see me.
    • His hurt expression and absent apology stirred little guilt in her hardened bosom.
    • His absent smile reminded the two thirsty coppers that they were on duty.
    • It was a nice face, with squinty eyes, graying brown hair, wrinkles, and a little, absent smile.
    • There's a few absent smiles and drumming of fingers on shopping trolleys, we're all gearing up for the big chorus.
    • Ryan felt her finger trace around his hand in an absent manner and wanted nothing more than to squeeze her and never let go.
    • Janine walks by with an absent smile on her face and a clump of the man's hair in her fist.

reflexive verb

to absent oneself

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    ausentarse formal
    to absent oneself from sth ausentarse de algo



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