Translation of absolution in Spanish:


absolución, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæbsəˈl(j)uʃ(ə)n//absəˈluːʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    absolución feminine
    to grant (the) absolution dar la absolución
    • On Maundy Thursday, these same Christians will receive absolution.
    • But the priest patiently heard my confession, gave me absolution, and then zipped out to continue his busy day.
    • Through our open admission of our sins, the priest's absolution, and the acts of penance, we can know God's healing.
    • The priest would hear confessions and give absolution for sins.
    • After all, a priest doesn't provide absolution for sins about to be committed.
    • What might a priest's absolution mean in such circumstances?
    • When Gregory heard that Frederick had gone on Crusade anyway, he promptly excommunicated the Emperor a second time, for setting out without having received absolution for the first sentence.
    • They favored the use of general absolution and found that the practice of private confession encouraged scrupulosity.
    • Connected to the Taoist tradition, followers honor the dead on this day, when the earth god is said to give absolution for the sins of the dead.
    • When we look honestly at the facts, we see that there is no liturgical, theological, pastoral, or canonical reason that would keep the bishops from granting permission for the use of general absolution.
    • Using an excellent anecdotal storytelling style, Forest goes on to portray the concepts of sin, confession, forgiveness, and absolution and includes actual confessions sent to him.
    • This process involves confession to a priest, acts of contrition, receiving absolution, and performing works of satisfaction.
    • The Friar gives absolution for sins in exchange for money and flirts with the prettiest wives.
    • In time the French Crusaders received papal absolution for their part in the business at Zara, but the Venetians did not.
    • Furthermore, annual confession had been made obligatory in 1215 at the Fourth Lateran Council so that a priest had an opportunity to talk privately to the penitents and to correct errors as well as giving them absolution for their sins.
    • I didn't want just absolution, I wanted advice, and I knew I wouldn't get it in my parish in Dehradun.
    • Catholic priests, [CBCP secretary general Hernando Coronel] added, are prohibited from granting absolution for a confessant's sins using text messaging, e-mail or by faxing the absolutions to the confessant.
    • In September 1585, Henry received absolution from the pope, Clement VIII and Mayenne submitted to the king in October 1595.
    • Holding a separate service just for confession and absolution before a service of communion is an old practice for Lutherans.
    • These should include the Lord's Prayer, a confession and absolution, a short reading from the Gospels with a request to our Lord for his help, and an invocation of the Holy Spirit.