Translation of absolve in Spanish:


absolver, v.

Pronunciation: /əbˈzɑlv//əbˈsɑlv//əbˈzɒlv/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (of sins) absolver
    (from duties) eximir
    (from duties) dispensar
    to absolve sb of sth absolver a algn de algo
    • to absolve sb from sth eximir / dispensar a algn de algo
    • I absolve you of your sins te absuelvo de tus pecados
    • he was absolved of guilt fue absuelto / eximido de culpa
    • he asked to be absolved from his duties pidió ser eximido / dispensado de sus obligaciones
    • It would doubtless be of great comfort to us both if there were some form that we could sign absolving doctors of any blame, so that a professional person could administer a quick injection when the time came.
    • Rather than having a genuine buy-in to reducing the number of bags used and making sure that they don't get into the environment, a plastic bag levy absolves people of responsibility.
    • The candidate takes the failure on himself and, in that way, absolves his followers of responsibility for the defeat and allows them to go on their way with a feeling of closure.
    • At a single stroke it absolves you from registering any sort of protest yourself as well as from paying any further attention to the speaker, and it gives you something interesting to look at.
    • Recovering, he is absolved of his guilt by the understanding daughter.
    • His neatly circumscribed theory can, he believes, organize human experience and explain human nature; it also absolves him of responsibility.
    • Readying ourselves for conventional war does not, however, absolve us from undertaking a major transformation in the way we think about, and conceive of, the use of military force.
    • There, he says, the cost of calling you or attaching a note to the bottle was low, hence the supplier's failure to secure your consent absolves you of all obligation to pay.
    • The film absolves us of any obligation to remember the disasters that followed.
    • He absolves us of responsibility for our fitness.
    • By concentrating all evil in the oppressors, it absolves the victims from examining their own failings.
    • The fact that it's wildlife absolves us of the moral question that hangs in the air when we see footage of humans in mortal danger - why didn't the camera crew do something to help?
    • And therefore I was absolved from having to get up at a ridiculous time and then pay ten pounds for breakfast given that I'd already taken part in the ritual.
    • Instead he sent a message of support paying tribute to those who took part in the dispute and added: ‘I was proud to be part of it and I know that history will absolve us.’
    • Vieira absolved any individuals of blame for the shocking defensive display in Munich, but revealed his frustration at yet another European campaign that could be thrown away.
    • It is only when Conrad's case is taken on by an understanding therapist who absolves him of his guilt that he can be cured.
    • Maybe it will absolve you from legal liability in an American court of law, but the moral responsibility remains because you are unsure if your users are lying about their ages.
    • At the same time, the right to free speech does not absolve us from our duty to behave responsibly.
    • Zoë, as loving in her death as she was in her life, tried to absolve her family from guilt.
    • Ignorance does not absolve you from the rule of law you know.