Translation of abundantly in Spanish:


abundantemente, adv.

Pronunciation /əˈbəndəntli//əˈbʌnd(ə)ntli/


  • 1

    (grow) abundantemente
    (grow) en abundancia
    (supplied) con abundancia
    the tree was abundantly laden with fruit el árbol estaba cargado de fruta
    • to be abundantly clear/obvious estar perfectamente claro
    • they made that abundantly clear no dejaron ningún lugar a dudas al respecto
    • He climbed down to the bottom, where shrubs and small trees grew abundantly at the base of the cliff.
    • They are found most abundantly in fruits and vegetables, but all plants have at least a small amount of antioxidants.
    • Amaranth is a grain which grows abundantly in India, and in many other countries.
    • Wild parsley grows so abundantly at the top of our steep section that I've never needed to plant any in the garden.
    • Fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit grow abundantly and are gathered daily.
    • Hunting became more complex, and fish and bird bones show up abundantly for the first time in food refuse.
    • The short-fall was made more acute by the fact that the areas in the west of the province had richer soils, and were more abundantly irrigated.
    • Thailand exhibited an attractive art form using natural material that is abundantly available in the country.
    • But it was not too hard to do this at this time of year when wild grass grew abundantly in the fields.
    • Without the forests shading the mountain's flanks, grass grows abundantly.
    • Many of the plants used in British medicine came from Europe where they grew more abundantly in the warmer climate and could be dried more easily.
    • It grows abundantly in temperate regions of Europe and Asia, and has also become common in N. America since the arrival of Europeans.
    • Plastic bags, crisp packets, plastic bottles and soggy newspapers lie abundantly in the verges, or caught in trees and hedges.
    • He led her to a meadow on the outskirts of town where the grass was lush and flowers grew abundantly.
    • It's not just marigolds and magnolias that grow abundantly in the fecund heat of the South.
    • There's no sense alternating between Kraft Dinner and burgers all year in a city so abundantly stocked with the foods of the world.
    • Jupiter frequently rules plants that grow abundantly and dandelion is a particularly good example.
    • Shopping will be a snap, because the thing you most desire will be whatever is most abundantly available.
    • Through painstaking efforts, he put together a bicycle made of bamboo, abundantly available in his state.
    • It grows so abundantly in the Kiwi sunshine that, sadly, it is declared a noxious weed.
    • When put into lab dishes, they grew abundantly, much as young fetal cells do.