Translation of abuse in Spanish:


insultos, n.

Pronunciation: /əˈbjuːs//əˈbjus/


  • 1

    (insulting language)
    (masculine plural) insultos
    (masculine plural) improperios
    she was subjected to verbal abuse la insultaron
    • to shout abuse at sb insultar a algn a gritos
    • a stream of abuse una sarta de insultos
    • a term of abuse un insulto
    • The incident happened at about 2.35 am when a group of drunks began hurling abuse at a handful of firefighters.
    • The word ‘liberal’ was confirmed as a term of abuse.
    • There are no prizes for guessing what value he places on each: bourgeois is always a term of abuse, revolutionary almost always a term of approbation.
    • As a driver you suffer verbal abuse on a regular basis from drunks, druggies and even schoolchildren.
    • An alcoholic veterinary surgeon from Yorkshire who turned up to work drunk and hurled abuse at animal lovers will now hear his fate in the New Year.
    • Since then, we have regularly been subjected to abuse and threats have been made to kill us.
    • The sight of grown men hurling abuse at someone who had voluntarily given up a Saturday morning to referee a kids match is truly disheartening for everyone involved.
    • They had long used ‘star quality’ as a term of abuse.
    • Two weeks ago, we reported how hordes of rowdy teenagers were congregating in the library entrance hall, causing mayhem and hurling abuse at users.
    • These complaints were not the normal tirade of abuse and insults we receive but seemed genuine.
    • A group of 20 teenagers went on a Halloween rampage in Hockley, smashing windows, tearing down fences and hurling abuse at homeowners.
    • If somebody's hurling abuse at you, it may be better to just walk away from the situation.
    • Yobs have thrown eggs and stones at the new library in Brewery Street while hurling abuse at readers.
    • Sometimes it will be a term of endearment, sometimes a term of abuse.
    • Monday night's meeting was dominated by members hurling abuse at the directors, including climbing on stage in an effort to shout them down.
    • Now imagine all these fans hurling abuse at you.
    • It went okay but as soon as I said I had to go he began hurling abuse at me.
    • In 1992 he was prosecuted by the council in the magistrates court after hurling abuse at a member of the public.
    • My use of ‘Yanks’ recently triggered a barrage of criticism from readers suggesting the word was a term of abuse.
    • We tend to forget pop itself was once a term of abuse and these worthies were as close to the cutting edge as it was possible to get.
  • 2

    (misuse) abuso masculine
    (of prisoners) vejación feminine
    (masculine plural) (sexual) abusos deshonestos
    to be open to abuse prestarse al abuso
    • drug abuse consumo de estupefacientes
    • Does witnessing animal abuse ever become routine?
    • Could it be that we oppress and kill each other so readily because our abuse and slaughter of animals has desensitized us to the suffering and death of others?
    • Ministers say the law, which updates existing legislation, is needed to protect animals from abuse.
    • Last year a training programme was established in the state of Nevada to teach hairdressers to spot the signs of physical abuse and to ask the appropriate questions.
    • The rest of the participants reported no history of sexual abuse or assault.
    • She was revolted at all animal exploitation and abuse.
    • He suffered sexual abuse until he was 11, then when he was 13 he discovered the person he had called dad all his life was no blood relation.
    • She was being treated for post traumatic stress disorder by the doctor after suffering sexual abuse.
    • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals claims the incident highlights animal abuse by Australian farmers.
    • He claimed the action ‘flew in the face’ of public tendering procedures set out by the Government, and was an abuse of public funds.
    • He goes on to say that those who voted for this government never dreamt that they would countenance such an abuse of democracy.
    • That is totally unacceptable and an abuse of science.
    • It was not an abuse of his professional position, the GMC decided, to contact the unit, meet Mr Gardner and voice his concerns, or make the allegations at a time when he was suspended.
    • He admitted the affair but denied allegations that it was ‘inappropriate and an abuse of the doctor-patient relationship’.
    • They stress that during that time they were never subjected to abuse or violence, even in the darkest days of the conflict.
    • A pilot study by the police force and the SSPCA in 2000 identified for the first time clear links between animal cruelty and domestic abuse.
    • As far as I'm concerned, you have to look at the circumstances to make a determination whether or not there's been an abuse of that privilege.
    • And house-training of pets is of course not ‘natural’, but surely nobody would argue that it was tantamount to animal cruelty and abuse?
    • There are already plenty of laws against actual rape, assault and child sexual abuse.
    • This silence was not simply an abuse of her trust.
    • Those of us who have spent many years in animal welfare work have often come to see the worst of animal cruelty, abuse and neglect.
    • The Sligo Rape Crisis Centre know this better than most and have striven to provide a sensitive and accommodating service to those who have suffered rape or sexual abuse.
    • Terrible stories of murder, abuse, violence, and trauma in the name of ragging have been reported from educational institutions all over the country once again.
    • A NEW Sexual Assault Treatment Unit to treat victims of rape and sexual abuse, should be open at Waterford Regional Hospital by late June.
    • The allegations of child sexual abuse and molestation ruined the lives of some teachers, who were wrongfully accused.
    • He was convicted of 15 charges - some of them specimen offences - of indecent assault and more serious sexual abuse.
    • To suggest going back to the LRC for a third time is really an abuse of a system that is already overloaded.
    • In West Yorkshire and Craven last year more than 6,000 complaints were investigated with 82 prosecutions for animal abuse and neglect.
    • It is an abuse of the system, but life is like that.
    • This was, of course, an abuse of the disciplinary process, but it has been done many times before, without attracting attention, and amounts to little more than a breach of etiquette.
    • At worst, Spencer resorted to cruel and violent physical abuse.
    • And ‘gay men were six times more likely to suffer adult sexual abuse or rape’
    • The move to introduce a penalty charge could be regarded as an abuse of their dominant position.
    • A huge volume of research exists, which shows a strong correlation between substantial animal abuse in childhood and later personal violence to humans.
    • It is clearly important to protect children against sexual abuse and molestation and to help them develop skills to avoid dangerous situations.
    • Without a detailed breakdown on how much was spent by each minister and official it is impossible to establish is there was an abuse of the system.
    • Counsel for the defence argued that it would be an abuse of process for the trial to go ahead, and one of its arguments was that jurors might discover the article on the Internet, and be severely prejudiced.
    • More young women are becoming victims of sexual abuse and assault each day.
    • He said this was an abuse of public monies and the fact there was no contribution from the business community was ‘grossly unfair.’
    • Jake would have recognized the signs of physical abuse.
    • The play draws a connection between this shame and cultural silence about rape and sexual abuse.
    • She was held overnight for interrogation, denied food and drink, and subjected to physical abuse.
    • Sexual abuse or assault is experienced by more than two in five women and almost three out of 10 men, the report said.
    • I also knew my military exemption was due to expire, and I would be forced to join the army, where gay conscripts suffer violent and sexual abuse.
    • Trauma, abuse, neglect, violence - all these things can turn a simple child into an angry, ill-tempered, malign adult.
    • The centre was founded back in 1984 at a time when there was great resistance in society to the fact that rape and sexual abuse were a reality for many.
    • The centre provides an invaluable service in Sligo, offering a safe, confidential space for survivors of child sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault.
    • Whilst it is never pleasant, it is part of the price you pay for freedom of speech (although I would argue it is an abuse of that right).
    • This is clearly an abuse of the public airwaves, and I hope Americans rise up against these stations and take some action to stop this.
    • Counselling is available to any male or female, aged 12 or over, who has experienced rape or sexual abuse at any time in their lives.
    • The community has a role in terms of prevention of sexual abuse and assault.
    • This is, as I like to point out, an abuse of history.
    • That to me is an abuse of the overall parking system at Grattan Square and is one that needs to be clamped down on by the wardens in a vigorous and uncompromising way.
    • It is committed to peaceful campaigns against all forms of animal abuse and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle.
    • Pensioner Ann Quinlan, who lives at St Brendan's Terrace, described the situation as an abuse of civil rights.
    • Although he had seen no signs of physical abuse, the entire industry disgusted him.
    • This programme contrasts the county's enthusiasm for a conservation project in Tasmania with how it reacts to subjects such as domestic violence, assault and sexual abuse.
    • Behaviour like assault, sexual abuse, and rape.
    • In a letter to the committee, Mr Sherlock, who was not represented and did not attend, accepted that his behaviour was an abuse of trust and conduct unbecoming of a pharmacist.
    • She looked fit and healthy, she showed no signs of any physical abuse, and she was outwardly happy.

    a un niño

transitive verb

  • 1

    (use wrongly)
    (hospitality/person/power) abusar de
  • 2

    (treat cruelly)
    (child/woman) maltratar
    (prisoners) vejar
  • 3

    (child/woman) abusar de
    many children had been sexually abused muchos niños habían sufrido abusos deshonestos
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