Translation of abusive in Spanish:


insultante, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈbjuːsɪv//əˈbjuzɪv//əˈbjusɪv/


  • 1

    he began to use abusive language empezó a lanzar improperios formal
    • she received a number of abusive letters recibió varias cartas insultantes
    • to be/become abusive decir/empezar a soltar groserías
    • an abusive husband un marido maltratador
    • It is therefore of concern he admits to consuming a large amount of alcohol and to being extremely abusive to probation staff on release.
    • He must also attend school and not use abusive, threatening, insulting or offensive language in public.
    • The order prevents him from harming or threatening anyone in the Mirfield area, using abusive or racist language or taking cars without consent.
    • Mrs Walsh said the four men arrested for abusive language hurled insults at the police outside the pub after staff helped officers to clear the bar.
    • The other victim came out and both girls shouted at them using extremely abusive language.
    • Violence, offensive sexual gestures or behaviour, or threatening or abusive language could get patients barred.
    • Nobody who sees this film can point a finger at me for portraying violence, abusive language, or offensive scenes.
    • He also swore and used abusive language to the manager of Cullompton town hall market on the same day.
    • When you start to get abusive and insulting you have already lost the argument.
    • They say they have to put up with increased noise, foul and abusive language and a complete loss of privacy since the work was completed earlier this year.
    • When chased by the teachers they just run through residents' gardens and if the residents complain they get the same foul and abusive language.
    • He was abusive and insulting to a policeman and as he was placed in a police vehicle, he kicked one officer in the chest.
    • Magistrates heard he was extremely abusive to the police and was warned.
    • She breached the order three times by swearing, screaming and using abusive language after a road accident.
    • Residents complained the young people were using foul language, being abusive and playing ball games in the street into the early hours of the morning.
    • He further pleaded to using threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour and with being intoxicated on the same date.
    • Their antics included shouting, abusive language and touching the bottom of a young air hostess, Newcastle Crown Court heard.
    • Individuals should not be allowed to run amok insulting and using abusive language against one another.
    • He could also be prosecuted for behaving anti-socially or using insulting or abusive, including homophobic, language.
    • It should be borne in mind that words or behaviour may be annoying or rude without being necessarily abusive or insulting.