Translation of accident in Spanish:


accidente, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæksədənt//ˈaksɪd(ə)nt/


  • 1

    accidente masculine
    to have an accident tener / sufrir un accidente
    • road accident accidente de tráfico
    • we arrived home without accidentuncountable llegamos a casa sin contratiempos / percances
    • I hope they haven't had an accident espero que no hayan tenido un accidente / no les haya pasado nada
    • he had a little accident at school today hoy tuvo un pequeño percance en el colegio
    • before noun accident prevention prevención de accidentes
    • There were also a number of other accidents resulting lesser injuries or damage to gliders.
    • Most of these accidents and injuries are irreversible, and a company cannot hand out a sincere apology and have the victim know for certain that they mean it - so they express their remorse with a cheque.
    • Air accident investigators have launched an investigation following the incident on Sunday morning.
    • Doctors say he is making satisfactory progress after suffering extensive injuries in the accident five weeks ago today.
    • Air accident investigators say the incident was ‘serious’ and are checking instructions from air traffic control.
    • Currently, surgeons are forced to use grafts taken from other areas of a patient's body to replace skin damaged in burns and accidents, but this is difficult in patients who are badly injured.
    • However the damages and injuries from the accidents so far this year surpassed those of last year.
    • In the most favourable situation, there is only material damage, but often an accident causes physical injuries or even death.
    • Co-ordinator of the scheme, Inspector Mick Melia, believes it has played a big role in cutting down accidents, injuries and fatalities.
    • Casualties who suffered less serious injuries in accidents also fell from 492 to 306 in Hampshire and from 96 to 80 in Southampton.
    • As noted earlier, the NTSB defines any event that led to human injury, death, or serious equipment damage as an accident.
    • Also, every year there are a number of serious accidents and injuries involving children who wander unauthorised onto constructions sites.
    • Over a three-year period there has to have been four accidents involving deaths and serious injuries and eight accidents where victims have needed medical treatment.
    • I have heard of injuries from similar accidents, but none as severe as this.
    • Air accident investigators are probing the cause of the incident.
    • Your liability coverage will protect you if you cause an accident that results in damage or injuries, up to the limits of your policy.
    • He said data from accidents and damage incidents is collected and used to tailor officer and staff training to improve safety and cut down costs.
    • Except Lucio just had a bone removed from his hip and put into his wrist, to help him recover from a motorcycle accident injury, so it's down to me and Dave to cook.
    • You haven't been involved in any accidents or injuries at work?
    • Each year, more than 37,000 women die from accidents.
  • 2

    casualidad feminine
    it is no accident that … no es una casualidad / un hecho fortuito que …
    • it is a historical accident that … es un accidente histórico el que …
    • it was (a) pure accident that their visits coincided fue pura casualidad que sus visitas coincidieran
    • their third child was an accident su tercer hijo fue un descuido
    • And contingency, accident, and chance have their role to play in the development of life's web.
    • There are no accidents, only nature exercising her supremacy.
    • By accident he discovered a knack for ballet and after battling familial prejudice won a scholarship to the Royal Ballet school.
    • By accident of birth, most, but not all American leaders, were born in the United States.
    • It's no accident that continental systems have more money and more resources: patients choose to spend their money on health because they can see that it is put to good to use.
    • If life is very much a matter of chance - and of accident, then it follows that it is people not doctrines who count.
    • Another chance for happy accidents that can change the course of history.
    • An accident of birth like ethnic origins, or an illness or disability or sexual preference, have been endowed with tremendous significance.
    • By mere accident of birth I happen to be British.
    • Such a culture cannot accept that accidents - in nature just as in social life - are just that, unintended and coincidental.
    • By accident of history and geography, the balance of seats in Parliament never accurately reflects the balance of votes cast.
    • He got hold of the property by the merest accident, and as soon as he did he began his work by attacking three unfortunate orphans on the estate.
    • Success is not a matter of chance, or an accident of birth.
    • Systematicity may exist in connectionist architectures, but where it exists, it is no more than a lucky accident.
    • That's the real lesson I learned in East Timor: that as an accident of birth some of us have been handed fortunate lives.
    • For too long we have regarded the extinction of Neanderthals as a chance historical accident.
    • The best ways to find a shoe tree are luck, accident, or word of mouth.
    • A child's accident of birth should not preclude a broad, critical, tolerant education.
    • Was the wrong button on somebody's computer, which brought events to light, an accident or deliberate?
    • Although Colin Byrne was hooked on golf from an early age his transformation into one of the world's leading caddies was more accident than destiny.
    • All to make sure that the children get the opportunities they were denied by mere accident of birth.
    • For the other 90 per cent, it is viewed at best as quaint, but more often as a monstrous and grotesque accident of birth.
    • And so now by pure accident of birth, I'm alive at a time where science is about to figure this out.
    • Gogol came to have his name by accident, but that accident set in motion a series of events that would demarcate the history of a family.
    • Some of the greatest discoveries in history resulted by chance or accident and many as an unexpected periphery to the original intent.
    • As a result, they welcomed successful accidents and chance events.
    • It is an accident that my ancestors smuggled a lot of confiscated gold out of Nazi Germany when they negotiated safe passage from the Vatican.
    • By accident, though, Clancy came close to the ideal because he suppressed personal conceits and put his body on the line for the benefit of others.
    • An accident of birth made me native to New York City where I grew but didn't flourish.
    • Hegel explicitly denies - and it would in any case be quite out of keeping with his whole line of thought - that the direction of history is some kind of fortunate accident.
    • Perhaps it was no accident that the two events coincided, since the association between oysters and sex has been so hackneyed as to become an embarrassing cliché.
    • By accident it was found to stimulate hair growth and a topical lotion was developed for men.
    • As soon as you examine the alternative you see what good fortune this accident of human demographics has bestowed on us.
    • By accident, the modern supermax prison had been invented.
    • Of course nepotism is a wonderful thing, and James is to be congratulated for making the most of this happy accident of birth.
    • Thus, accidents or chance events function as sites around which narratives of individual difference can collocate.
    • Denis Beckett treks to the festival to reflect on the accidents, chances and coincidences that shape the world we know.
    • Life formed through a fantastic combination of random chances and evolutionary accidents.
    • Perhaps it is no accident that this event was held in a teaching institution.
    • Yet the war did not really result from bad luck or accident; beneath a contingent process lay profound causes.
    • Through the fortunate accident of having a tedious instructor I had gained a year!
    • By accident, by fate, by the meandering path that is parenthood, we become experts at things we thought we had no business knowing.