Translation of acclimatize in Spanish:


aclimatar, v.

Pronunciation: /əˈklaɪməˌtaɪz//əˈklʌɪmətʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to acclimatize oneself aclimatarse
    • to acclimatize sb/oneself to sth aclimatar a algn/aclimatarse a algo
    • to become acclimatized to sth aclimatarse a algo
    • Yorkshire is on course to play host to more than 2,000 Olympic athletes ahead of the 2012 games to allow the sportsmen and women acclimatise to conditions in Britain.
    • Having acclimatized to the less-than-welcoming conditions, the Royals moved on to the tactical phase of the training.
    • New Mexico natives Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez will probably become acclimatized to the Canadian winter, but they're not likely to slow down any time soon.
    • They will have to acclimatise to the weather conditions, especially in their training sessions.
    • Having finished second and fourth in the first two races, she soon acclimatised to the cooler conditions of England by beating Lizzie Vickers by four points overall.
    • They also spent three days on a training camp in Buxton to prepare for the trip because they will need to acclimatise to conditions in Malawi and walk for many miles,
    • As the temperatures reached 42C in Sydney last week, the brave boys were going through their drills plastered in sun-block and sporting sun-hats as they tried to acclimatise to the conditions.
    • While many of the athletes would be housed at the Olympic Village, the National Sports Centre at Crystal Palace or the proposed Arena could be used as sites to help competing teams acclimatise to British conditions.
    • Getting acclimatized to life in Glasgow was tough at first; even after all these years away he still gets lonely and homesick.
    • Before then Michael will be at Bedford Autodrome for a Nissan / Autocar driving day, then training in Spain to get his body acclimatized to the heat, ready for Dubai at the end of the year.
    • Having acclimatised to the new conditions, the next step is becoming involved more in community life in his new hometown.
    • The painting, which dates from 1896, was placed in storage for 24 hours after it arrived from the National Gallery in London on Monday to acclimatise to the freezing conditions which have swept across the region.
    • In the opening stages the marines of 45 did well, completing their objectives and acclimatising to the local conditions.
    • The timing of these tours of Zimbabwe and South Africa could not have been more opportune and is an ideal chance to get acclimatized to the conditions.
    • That may suit an English team stronger in the one day game, giving them time to acclimatise to conditions and pitches.
    • I did not acclimatise properly to the local conditions before the competition.
    • That is why they will spend twelve days there acclimatising to the difficult conditions.
    • With the elements playing havoc with both side's kicking from hand, it was the visitors who initially acclimatised to the conditions and continued to enjoy the majority of possession.
    • Jim officially retired from PWC last week but he'll spend two or three more weeks at the office to help his successor get acclimatized to the country.
    • There appeared little for Yorkshire to fear, however, as Lehmann acclimatised to English conditions with two sixes and two fours but when he went the collapse left Yorkshire ruing their errors.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to acclimatize to sth aclimatarse a algo