Translation of accommodation in Spanish:


alojamiento, n.

Pronunciation: /əˌkɑməˈdeɪʃ(ə)n//əkɒməˈdeɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(lodgings)

      alojamiento masculine
      hospedaje masculine
      to find/book accommodation/accommodations encontrar/reservar alojamiento / hospedaje
      • I can provide accommodation for five puedo alojar / dar alojamiento a cinco personas
      • During the construction work, nursery school children and staff will be housed in temporary accommodation opposite the existing building.
      • People are forced to live in temporary accommodation for years because of the shortage of social housing, and people who come to Oxford to work find it very difficult to find anywhere affordable to live.
      • ‘We were living in temporary accommodation when it happened,’ she said.
      • For official figures, a person can be considered homeless while staying in temporary accommodation and not necessarily living on the streets.
      • The luxurious trips include fully paid chartered flights and five-star hotel accommodation and lucky staff can even take their spouses or partners and children.
      • Repairs to the building could take two weeks to complete and residents are living in temporary accommodation while the repairs continue.
      • They had to spend at least 18 months living in rented accommodation while their shattered homes were rebuilt.
      • There are now 850 people living in temporary accommodation in Swindon.
      • Children living in temporary accommodation also have to cope with the shame of living in a hostel, a lack of play and leisure facilities and anxiety about the future.
      • They will be timber framed, so construction will be quick and the first residents, who are now staying in temporary accommodation, should be moving in early next year.
      • The family is now staying in temporary accommodation until their house in Ascension Close is rebuilt.
      • They will live in the temporary accommodation for six to eight weeks while their homes are gutted and replastered.
      • Her father would not let her return to the family home in April 2004 and she was forced to live alone in council accommodation.
      • Her 30-year-old sister, Diane, who is living in temporary accommodation just outside the village, is in an even more difficult position.
      • Prices start at £999 for eight days and include four star hotel accommodation, return scheduled flights and a full touring itinerary.
      • The council found temporary accommodation for 17 residents, but most have spent the weekend staying with friends and family.
      • Enjoy a lost weekend in Venice this November with Expedia Travel, currently offering flights and three nights accommodation in a four-star hotel for £201.
      • The majority of Canadians prefer the package deals, which, in the main, include airfare, hotel accommodation, drinks, food and entertainment.
      • Travelscope's customers will stay in hotel accommodation in Dungarvan and Tramore.
      • ‘Hopefully, people who want to go and see the ship will be staying in local accommodation, which will benefit the hotels and B and Bs,’ he said.

    • 1.2US (seat, berth)

      plaza feminine
      • She had lifeboat accommodation for 970 persons.
      • Office seekers in Malton often declared a preference for ground floor accommodation with spaces for 50 cars outside the window.
      • On a bitterly chill day, plenty of accommodation was available for punters in the state-of-the-art stand, and facilities for hospitality were excellent.
      • But director Michael Rollins said the interest in the development proved companies would move into the city if the right accommodation was available.
      • T & T, by virtue of qualifying, has been allocated eight per cent of available seating accommodation at each of the three stadiums.
      • Peter Sweeney has welcomed the allocation, which will provide accommodation for 40 vehicles.
      • The new plan is set to provide seating accommodation at several spaces and the nice walkway is a very big improvement over the old arrangement.

    • 1.3(space, room)

      espacio masculine
      sitio masculine

  • 2

    (agreement, compromise)
    acuerdo masculine
    to reach an accommodation with sb over sth llegar a un acuerdo con algn sobre algo