Translation of accord in Spanish:


acuerdo, n.

Pronunciation /əˈkɔːd//əˈkɔrd/


  • 1

    (agreement, harmony)
    acuerdo masculine
    to be in accord with sb/sth estar de acuerdo con algn/algo
    • The evolutionary psychologists and I are in accord in opposing conventional feminist assumptions.
    • Glenmorangie also has distribution accords with Bacardi, which owns Dewar's Scotch whisky, and Drambuie Liqueur.
    • Indeed, they were not just in accord: they were symbiotic.
    • Many political affiliations are passed down through the chain, with entire villages voting in accord during an election.
    • Today, with peace accords signed, open elections have decided the current government.
    • These accords granted indigenous communities autonomy and respect for traditions and customs.
    • The other European countries were not in accord.
    • Yet the campaign by the IH to beautify the Irish home by emphasizing the domestic role of women was not met with universal accord by the female readers of the paper.
    • Cheng said the government and the public were in accord on preservation of heritage sites.
    • But social accord will not exist if, as a result of reform, people's spending increases by more than half while their wages go up only a quarter.
    • The committee worked in accord on the bill and saw it as a very high priority.
    • In exchange, Mexico gains preferential trade access to the countries with which it has signed trade accords.
    • Not surprisingly, the initial aims of the association mainly concerned matters of mutual accord in the areas of trade and economy, shunning politics and the military.
    • Next time a summit comes to Britain, he may find he and the protesters are not so sweetly in accord.
    • That is why peace talks and accords have failed and might likely continue to fail.
    • The two men were in accord as to how the world ‘should’ work.
    • Some of these meetings have resulted in accord and renewed resolve to work together.
    • New Zealand has free-trade accords with Australia and Singapore, and is in talks on a partnership with Thailand.
    • The government committed to large expenditures in social welfare programs with the signing of the peace accords to end the civil war.
    • MPs across Greater Manchester are in accord in their hopes for 2002.
    • They weren't designed to tie the hands of those who signed the accords, while letting those who haven't do whatever they please.
    • France is particularly resistant to change because it wants to maintain its traditional trade and aid accords with former colonies such as Morocco and Algeria.
    • Our experts are in accord: nothing builds legs like squats because they're a compound movement that stimulates all major muscles of the legs.
    • The peace accords divided the province into three separate ethnic areas with a federation presidency.
    • Given space constraints, I focus my response on the most salient areas of disagreement rather than the many issues on which we are in accord.
    • The accords were written by community members and signed by those present.
    • The military has been staying out of politics since the peace accords were signed.
    • Months after his visit in 1996, peace accords were signed.
    • There has been a series of attempted peace accords, always ruptured before an election could be properly organized.
    • This would meet at least once a year and try to implement existing treaties and other global accords affecting forests and overlogging.
    • And yet, it is quite significant that the representatives of differing groups and interests have reached accord by mutual compromise.
    • For once in accord, Taylor and I rolled our eyes at each other.
    • Bulgaria has signed such accords with Croatia, Romania and Macedonia while talks with Albania were concluded last December.
    • In 1996, peace accords were signed to bring an end to the armed conflict and to strike at the root causes of war.
    • In addition, the negotiations by the EU aim at separate accords with each region, and no country may negotiate in more than one bloc.
    • It would be fair to say that, while we conversed amicably for what was a very long session, our views on international politics were not in accord.
    • This is only a small sample of the agreements, accords, and other legislation that Canada has passed and signed regarding diversity.
    • One explanation for this lack of accord is the fact that a consensus about the subject of the right side of this wall was reached only recently.
    • Booklet photos show the couple in playful mood, and there is this wonderful sense of conviviality in their playing that denotes two musical minds in one accord.
    • Some political analysts contend that the signing of the peace accords is the first step toward bringing an end to the civil wars that have long flourished in the two countries.
  • 2

    (treaty, understanding)
    acuerdo masculine

transitive verb


  • 1

    (honor) conceder
    (honor) otorgar
    (honor) conferir
    (welcome) dar
    (priority/significance) conceder
    (significance/priority) dar
    to accord sb an honor concederle / otorgarle / conferirle a algn un honor
    • To spot the visual icons of the future, we need to understand why certain images were accorded that status in the past.
    • In some developed countries too, women were accorded the right to vote very late.
    • Arthur Miller's drama has so long been accorded canonical status that it can easily be taken for granted.
    • He became one of only four British recording stars to be accorded such an honour.
    • She was accorded a state funeral in recognition of her work and as Governor of South Australia.
    • This was rejected, however, and full constitutional recognition was accorded to them.
    • The changes have also accorded the weekend soldiers a far bigger involvement in active military operations.
    • The Scottish Arts Council has not been accorded the credit it has deserved over the past few years.
    • The necklace suggests that the deceased had been accorded high status.
    • By contrast, those in favour of reform were accorded a respect that bordered on the deferential.
    • It was their first show in Roscommon in many years and they were accorded a rapturous welcome.
    • The greatest kudos, he says, is accorded to those who have been caught more than once, yet continue to break the law.
    • He has been accorded the status of a senior statesman in the Indian cricket team by his mates.
    • They fight for their rights and ensure they are accorded their due status in society.
    • As these units merged and the leaders were accorded ranks, Hario was accorded the rank of Major.
    • It is accorded the power to change size at will and to bring the rain that farmers need.
    • Sandback has never received the recognition accorded his minimalist peers.
    • He will then be accorded the status of a national party leader in the Commons.
    • Theirs was a vision that accorded primacy to culture, but in a dangerously narrow way.
    • The Law of Guarantees, as it was known, accorded the pope the status and honours of a sovereign.