Translation of account in Spanish:


cuenta, n.

Pronunciation: /əˈkaʊnt//əˈkaʊnt/


  • 1

    (with bank, building society)
    cuenta feminine
    to have an account with / at a bank tener una cuenta en un banco
    • to open/close/transfer an account abrir/cerrar/transferir una cuenta
    • personal/company account cuenta personal/de gastos
    • checking / current account cuenta corriente
    • savings / deposit account cuenta de ahorros
    • to put / turn sth to (good) account sacar (buen) provecho de algo
    • Stamp duty is payable on credit card accounts maintained by banks on April 1 each year.
    • Oh don't worry about the cost just add it to my account and bill me at the end of the month.
    • No transaction charges apply if your account remains in credit throughout the entire charging quarter.
    • Too many suppliers have accounts more than 90 days past due.
    • They contribute between €1 and €5 per week and it is kept on account in the local Credit Union.
    • If you fail to make payments on your credit card accounts, these funds will be used to cover your obligations.
    • Nicol is one of only 30% of parents who have redeemed their vouchers to date - paying them into child trust fund accounts at Britannia Building Society.
    • Child Trust Fund accounts are available from banks, building societies and other financial organisations.
    • EFTPOS allows access to both credit-card accounts or own funds by means of debit cards.
    • This has the effect of cutting mortgage interest when your cheque account is in credit, or increasing it when funds run short.
    • Furthermore, these dividend accounts are being credited with interest.
    • They can then ‘pyramid’ this debt with a further 16 credit union accounts and borrow a further €64,000.
    • You can pay anything from £50 a month upwards into the account, or from £250 as a lump sum.
    • Large quantities of Swiss francs credited to private accounts in various Swiss banks.
    • The Treasury has promised that the first Child Trust Fund accounts will be up and running by April 2005 at the latest.
    • By the time the error was discovered, B had withdrawn the funds credited to his account by the F Bank.
    • In all, internet fraud accounted for a quarter of the total £219.4m illegally taken from UK consumers' credit and debit card accounts in the first six months of this year.
    • You must pay at least £1, 000 a month into the Moneyback account to qualify.
    • Would there be restrictions on the types of investments that could be made, say to mutual funds or IRA accounts?
    • The money market earns higher interest rates than their savings bank and credit union accounts.
    • Funds argue that small accounts are expensive, which raises the cost of investing for all shareholders.
  • 2

    (with shop, firm) cuenta feminine
    (invoice) cuenta feminine British
    (invoice) factura feminine British
    I have an account with them/at the bookstore tengo cuenta allí/en la librería
    • put it on/charge it to my account cárguelo a mi cuenta
    • they haven't sent their account yet todavía no han mandado la cuenta / la factura
    • payment on account pago a cuenta
    • I gave her $200 on account le di 200 dólares a cuenta / de anticipo
    • statement of account extracto de cuenta
    • to keep (an) account of sth llevar (la) cuenta de algo
    • to settle one's account pagar / saldar su (/ mi etc. ) cuenta
    • to settle / square an account with sb ajustarle (las) cuentas a algn
    • The programme is designed to benefit all households or residential units in Johannesburg, provided their electricity accounts are paid in full.
    • Your subscription billing will end on July 16, 2003 and no accounts will be billed after that date.
    • Thus, some consumers pay their electricity bills and telephone accounts in cash.
    • All overdue accounts will incur interest of 2.5% per month.
    • Once treatment has been completed the supplier will send the account directly to NHP.
    • The fact that BMI paid its share of legal accounts billed to the projects does not equate to a solicitor-client relationship with Mr. Melia.
    • There was loyalty to suppliers and accounts were paid promptly.
  • 3

    (client, contract)
    cuenta feminine
    to win an account conseguir una cuenta / un contrato
    • Within three years, we had 700 accounts across Europe, making us the largest suppliers of ladies' golfwear to the European market.
    • In Fairfield, SoBe will run local ads flagging its loyal retail accounts.
    • Inspiration to pursue corporate accounts came after a customer made a request for 500 crystal bowls.
    • It talks to the culture of differences between retail accounts and the manufacturer.
    • The promo won the brand 100 new retail accounts, while awakening interest from other Hollywood studios for future tie-ins.
    • The agency will take over the account from the Helme Partnership at the end of this month.
    • That's especially helpful when I'm taking over an account from another sales rep.
    • In the nine months before the Unilever account, BT Global Services won £2bn of contracts.
    • These retail accounts include leading surf retail chains as well as single store surf and extreme sports shops.
    • Healthy price competition between multiple vendors vying for an account benefits the customer.
    • Brown & Sons Inc., where he handled retail and institutional accounts.
    • Also list key accounts, potential customers, market survey data, drawings, agreements, and financial projections to the plan.
    • They also liked being able to preview jobs before printing, to establish corporate accounts, and above all, to get their orders quickly.
    • Unlike other firms cited in the story, Merrill does not disclose trading volume or the number of accounts in its retail brokerage business.
  • 4

    (part of budget)
    partida feminine
    rubro masculine Latin America
    • This is to facilitate companies who are working to tight deadlines with their end of year financial accounts.
    • Any expenditure included in the accounts where receipts or vouchers were not available was properly made in connection with the carrying on of the company's business.
    • Profits at the Port of Cork Company more than halved last year, according to its latest financial accounts.
    • The Appeal did not produce annual income and expenditure accounts or balance sheets.
    • Details of the transfer are included in the notes to the 2004 financial accounts.
    • Compliance involves examining a set of key accounts including payroll, financial reporting, purchasing, payables and billing.
    • Tenth, engage the services of a reputed auditing/accountancy firm to review and report on the financial statements and audited accounts of the NSAs.
    • Groups operating within The Priestley will now run as individual business organisations, with their own financial accounts.
    • They also suggested he could call an extraordinary general meeting to get a look at Manchester United's financial accounts.
    • The Garda Commissioner will have to stand over the financial accounts of the force under new measures being introduced by the Government.
    • Franchisers' financial statements and profit-and-loss accounts, at least in the last two years, should be examined.
    • It alleged that ERF's accounts and financial statements were misstated.
    • The second is that firms do not have adequate systems and controls in place to deal with a potentially high volume of accounts or adequate financial resources to support CTF business.
    • The advanced course is aimed at providing farmers with the expertise in using packages such as breeding charts, farm accounts and VAT recording and returns.
    • I have among my financial memorabilia its 1968 accounts, when it was still known as Wiles Group.
    • Because it applies across most naturally occurring number distributions, it can also be used to detect fraud in financial accounts, and to spot faked results in clinical trials.
    • Mr Hardy added that all businesses should also ensure the date of each purchase is clearly recorded in their accounts because the time periods for capital allowance schemes are often time-sensitive.
    • While the insolvency practitioners continue to cast their eye over City's financial accounts, the Trust are now putting fundraising plans in place.
    • In theory, there are regulators to keep an eye on corporate mischief - in practice, no regulator or guardian can hope to penetrate the complexity of modern financial accounts.
    • Another example, in order to have good financial practice, all local governments have to have financial accounts in the same format.
    • Today's businesses are managed by individuals who are obsessed with the minutiae of manipulating financial accounts.
  • 5

    (on Stock Exchange)
    before noun account day día de liquidación masculine

    cada una de las quincenas en las que se divide el año en la Bolsa británica

  • 6

    (explanation) explicación feminine
    (version) versión feminine
    (report) informe masculine
    no satisfactory account of why it happened has ever been given nunca se ha dado una explicación satisfactoria de por qué ocurrió
    • she gave me a very different account of events me dio una versión muy distinta de los hechos
    • give an account of the life cycle of the butterfly describa el ciclo de vida de la mariposa
    • she gave an excellent account of Juliet/the sonata ofreció una excelente interpretación de Julieta/la sonata
    • by her/his own account según él mismo/ella misma cuenta
    • by all accounts por lo que dicen todos
    • to bring / call sb to account for sth pedirle cuentas a algn sobre algo
    • to give a good account of oneself dar lo mejor de sí
    • to hold sb to account for sth responsabilizar a algn de algo
    • Colin gives his girlfriend and neighbours a detailed account of the court proceedings and events leading up to a murder.
    • A reader of this blog sent me an account of his experience of the campaign, and of its effect on voters.
    • Most of the accounts describe surrealistic events that usually involve cheating death - but not always.
    • A world away from dry accounts of historical events, it succeeds in shedding much new light on the 1905 Russian Revolution in an accessible and exciting way.
    • Based on eyewitness accounts, the report described how Pashtun villages were attacked after being disarmed by local militia commanders.
    • Although this is a historical event, the accounts include variations as far as details are concerned.
    • Morality and ethics consist of prescriptive statements about how one ought to behave; they do not purport to be descriptive accounts of actual historical behaviour.
    • What follows is a brief account of my experiences and a reconstruction of some events from discussions with the victims.
    • This is a fascinating collection of poems, essays, reports and accounts based on the experience of work and working.
    • As you rightly stated, the story reported was an accurate account of the events in the Council Chamber that evening.
    • Lots of first person accounts of historical events.
    • Dr Friedman's report then gives an account of D.'s further experiences while he was in care.
    • Even if they are somewhat distorted or adapted, they remain accounts of experienced events, and as such they are valuable sources for the historian.
    • There, anyone with online access can post and read news stories and personal accounts of events, such as demonstrations, thus opening up media in new ways.
    • Users can post and read first - hand accounts of fellow travellers experiences.
    • Thus she began her account with a detailed description of the appropriate behaviour of a collector engaging at first hand with the people.
    • There have been several remarkably detailed newspaper accounts of an event that could only have been witnessed by those directly involved - and none of these has yet spoken publicly.
    • Historical accounts describe the young princess as exceedingly tall, thin, pock-marked, and plain, but with a generous nature.
    • Not only was I reading about the lives of my ancestors, but about their friends and acquaintances too - and accounts of historical events which my uncle recorded in his diary on the day they happened.
    • His book, Pity the Nation, is an account of the events of those years and his own experiences reporting them.
  • 7

    (consideration, reckoning)
    to take sth into account tener algo en cuenta
    • what you haven't taken into account is ... lo que no has tenido en cuenta es ...
    • to take account of sth tomar / tener algo en cuenta
    • the report takes no account of the fact that ... el informe no toma / tiene en cuenta el hecho de que ...
  • 8formal

    to be of no/little account (to sb)
    • it's of no account no tiene importancia
    • our opinion seems to be of no account whatsoever parece que nuestra opinión no cuenta / no importa en absoluto
    • it is of little account (to me) whether he agrees or not a mí me importa muy poco que esté o no de acuerdo
    • The fact that in typical sized prints the difference is vanishingly small is of no account.
    • As with his son, his death was treated as a matter of no account.
    • The clear subtext is that what goes on in the festering ghettos is of no account: just keep it away from us and our children.
    • The fact that he has collected so many baubles in the glory years is of no account to the second row.
    • Even establishment politics was of little account in the small-town press.
    • Others are treated as if they are of little account and their views discounted.
    • The self-evident fact that the numbers applying for asylum correlate precisely with countries where a dog's life would be a step up is of no account.
    • The absence of dramatic action was of little account to audiences used to the lyrical pastoral play.
    • Worst of all, she treated him like he was of no account at all.
    • In most cases, that extraneous text will be of little account - but in others, it may be quite sensitive.
    • Throughout history, God has chosen those who are of no account in the world's eyes to receive and testify to the gospel.
    • That may be of no account in the general scheme of things, but it calls into question the reasons for the Minister's office making such an obvious error.
    • Therefore, if you have disputes about such matters, appoint as judges even men of little account in the church.
    • The effect on even the far south of country will be of no account.
    • It is of no account: for the royals, the crisis has passed.
    • The fact that the cubs were orphans, abandoned when their mother was run over by a car, was of no account.
    • You even have it if the remnant of your unfinished cup of tea has been accidentally thrown away by someone else, who's come upon it and thought it unwanted, of no account.
    • At the time of the Reformation the body was deemed to be of little account when there was a soul to be saved.
    • The fact that a few corrupt judges disagree with this is of no account - look up the law and read it for yourself if you do not believe me.
    • The individual building blocks of words are in themselves of little account.
  • 9accounts pl

    contabilidad feminine
    to keep the accounts llevar la contabilidad / las cuentas
  • 10

    as preposition on account of debido a
    • on account of his age/being too old debido a su edad/a que es demasiado mayor
    • on this/that account por esta/esa razón
    • as conj on account of she was late debido a que llegó tarde
    • on no account, not on any account de ningún modo
    • (for oneself) on one's own account por cuenta propia
    • I did it on my own account lo hice por cuenta propia
    • on sb's account por algn
    • don't start worrying on her account! no te preocupes por ella
    • I hope you haven't been waiting up on my account espero que no te hayas quedado levantada por mí

transitive verb


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