Translation of ache in Spanish:


doler, v.

Pronunciation /eɪk//eɪk/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(give pain)

      (tooth/ear/leg) doler
      my back/head aches me duele la espalda/la cabeza
      • my legs/feet ache me duelen las piernas/los pies
      • these statistics make my head ache estas estadísticas me dan dolor de cabeza
      • I'm aching all over me duele todo el cuerpo
      • it makes my heart ache me da muchísima pena
      • His chest muscles ached and he continued to pant.
      • When you wake up, you're in pain, aching all over, your eyes are stinging from the light and you're hungry.
      • My back was aching, my legs were going nerve-dead, and every last bit of energy in me was drained.
      • By now I was bed-bound, unable to think straight, aching continually with what appeared to be a consistent low-grade flu.
      • Annie's head ached, her ribs hurt from coughing, and the simple act of craning her neck to peer through a clear spot on the windshield made her dizzy.
      • My knees ache, my legs are in a tangle, and every inch of my untoned body feels as if it has been put through a vigorous exercise routine.
      • When my back starts to ache, I'll carry my laptop downstairs and work standing up on the counter in my kitchen.
      • My ears ache, my legs ache, when I lie down my head fills up with liquid.
      • Our legs were beginning to ache so we decided to call it a day.
      • By the time I got home this past Saturday night I had a fever and ached all over as if something evil had infected me.
      • My wife is still very sore, she's very distressed, her cheekbone is aching.
      • I was coughing, and my right arm was aching.
      • Then we walked back to Hall, which was well over 3 miles mainly uphill: no wonder my feet are aching!
      • But these classes seem to exhaust me and my feet ache like mad, half way through the class I start to feel sick.
      • She was experiencing headaches, severe back and rib pain and pretty much ached from head to toe.
      • All the muscles in my legs are aching, some six hours after finishing, which can't be good.
      • She is talking up a storm and making my stomach ache with laughter.

    • 1.2aching present participle

      (shoulders/muscles) dolorido
      with an aching heart con gran dolor de corazón
      • her departure left an aching void in his life su partida dejó un doloroso vacío en su vida

  • 2

    to ache to + inf ansiar + inf
    • to ache for sth suspirar por algo
    • Her heart ached for him in a way it never had or would for Dorian.
    • I ached to be back with him and, after weeks of pleading, I agreed to give our marriage another go.
    • Anthea has not been on the television for years so is aching to get back into the limelight.
    • Sometimes my heart ached for England, but I knew that if I ever returned there again, my life would not be the same.
    • Having golfed for a week in Scotland the week before I was aching to play.
    • Although she ached with desire for him, Krystal was glad she would have time to plan the perfect romantic evening for them.
    • We were aching with a desire to see a winner.
    • After all, she ached for him when they spent all those months apart.
    • The new album is full of songs that we've been aching to play live since we finished recording, so April can't come around soon enough for us.
    • The familiar feelings of longing returned, and his heart ached for her.
    • How long her heart had ached for a hand to hold, for someone to call her own.
    • Clare, who ached for her new - and very sick and needy - baby, was restricted to seeing Luke for two hours a day.


  • 1

    (sordo y continuo) dolor masculine
    aches and pains achaques masculine
    • with an ache in his heart con gran dolor de corazón
    • And now there is an intense ache where he was, where he would have been in all these things.
    • Her smile of ecstasy vanished, and she felt an empty ache in her heart.
    • I think of Gail and, at once, as painful ache in my chest materialises.
    • The painful ache of regrets and bygones slowly fade into a mixture of brandy and honey.
    • Wilson arouses a tender ache in the heart at the dreadful prospect of all the losses through exploitation; and then changes his approach in proposing a solution.
    • There's a sense of nostalgia, an indefinable ache, that crystallises the artist's repertoire at a certain point in time.
    • Her hand was throbbing painfully, but it was nothing compared to the ache in her heart.
    • An immigrant arriving today would feel the ache of nostalgia less because there are so many celebrations here now.
    • She supposed she had to be happy for him, despite the ache in her heart.
    • No tears had fallen and there was still a deep ache in my heart.
    • Beth watched the pair of them, father and son, the scene evoking an ache of tenderness in her.
    • But surprisingly to her, the painful ache in her heart did not come, nor did tears well up in her eyes.
    • It's more brazen, more shot through with the raw ache of relationships and the nakedness of emotional experience.
    • It is regularly derided as one of the worst songs in musical history, but it still gives me a lump in my throat and an ache in my heart.
    • It seemed then a meager justification for manipulating my little brain and heart, yet an ache for wild beauty does command me.
    • Their death always leaves an ache in the heart which can take a long time to heal.
    • Unhappy endings linger in your mind, leaving an ache in your heart and a problem to resolve.
    • Time reduces the ache and discomfort while memory renders the emotion denser and purer.
    • At the end you want to rush out of the theatre into the sunshine, raise your arms to the heavens and wait for lightning to strike you, just to relieve the ache in your heart.
    • Kent endured the bitter ache of wanting to say something to Charles for a very long time.