Translation of acting in Spanish:


interpretación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈaktɪŋ//ˈæktɪŋ/


  • 1

    interpretación masculine
    actuación masculine
    the acting is excellent la interpretación / actuación es excelente
    • Even with its lineup of stars and decent acting, the film doesn't adequately capture your imagination.
    • Upon my second viewing, I discovered a sweet film with exceptional acting.
    • He also studied acting with Elia Kazan, making his debut as an actor in 1937 and as a dancer at the Dance Center of Felia Sorel and Gluck-Sandor.
    • She came to playwriting by way of acting, a career she began at age six when she appeared in a commercial for Nabisco cookies.
    • Some movies you watch for world-class acting, powerful drama, and a terrific screenplay.
    • The talky screenplay and questionable acting take away from the power of the events being depicted.
    • Despite the strong start and the strong acting, the film as a whole petered out toward the end.
    • Though born and brought up in a conservative Sikh family in Norway, she always had a dream of acting in a Bollywood film.
    • We talked a lot about Fifties-style acting, especially Montgomery Clift.
    • With no rewards in the writing, the cinematography, and dismal acting, that's asking way too much.
    • The acting in the film is as predictable as the various denouements.
    • Saint came from the school of acting where motivation for action was crucial to understanding your character.
    • It is gentle, funny and introspective, in all aspects, whether it is the cinematography, music or acting.
    • It has been a while since I've seen a film with such superb acting, and what a breath of fresh air it was.
    • His mad acting in the lead role compensates accordingly.
    • This is a film with fine acting, camera work free of frills and a plot that will keep you guessing.
    • But, acting, good acting, is as difficult to describe in words as music.
    • The acting, as is usually the case with a Spielberg film, is top-notch.
    • From the wonderful acting to the beautiful cinematography, the movie is as flawless as anything I've seen in recent memory.
    • Great acting or no great acting, there are a rare few movies that trap you in a room with two actors for 97 minutes that don't have you begging for oxygen.
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    (as activity)
    have you done any acting before? ¿has hecho teatro/cine alguna vez?
    • I want to go into acting quiero ser actor