Translation of action in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈakʃ(ə)n//ˈækʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(practical measures)

      prompt action by the police saved several lives la rápida actuación de la policía salvó varias vidas
      • action is needed now to … hay que tomar medidas / actuar inmediatamente para …
      • we demand action! ¡exigimos que se haga algo!
      • which course of action do you recommend? ¿qué medidas recomienda?
      • he didn't rule out military action no descartó la intervención del ejército
      • they took disciplinary action against her le aplicaron medidas disciplinarias
      • to take action actuar
      • to take action against sb/sth tomar medidas contra algn/algo
      • no further action will be taken no se tomará ninguna otra medida
      • action! ¡acción!
      • When we demand the government take action in a field we no nothing about we are courting disaster.
      • With the local prosecutor declining to take action, the issue has probably peaked.
      • Their action had the desired effect of restoring confidence in the market and helped the bullion price to begin its recent recovery.
      • Secondly, we may consider the effects of human action on the environment itself.
      • He was also a source of ideas and plans for covert action to influence the course of the war.
      • People need to write their Congressmen about this and demand the Army take action.
      • I know that some have argued that we should take action to achieve a very much smaller population.
      • I did in fact take action at that time on advice from officials to address these concerns.
      • It would take a change in the minister of state to really effect some action.
      • Postal services could be hit by prolonged strike action over plans to process North Yorkshire's mail in Leeds at weekends.
      • One of the callers threatened to take action against the attackers.
      • The congressman behind the report will tell us how he's planning to take action.
      • Assuming that the figures are an effective measure of overall hospital performance, what action should then follow?
      • If so, it is important to know your rights and how to take action against unfair work practices.
      • As with all security audits, should the results require remedial action, such actions will be taken.
      • Elections are the paramount means for influencing governmental action.
      • But the speech had had the desired effect: public health action had finally been galvanised.
      • Both unions have threatened strike action if their demands are not met.
      • What can be done about it and what effects will any action have on the rest of the economy and the environment?
      • She said emissions to air, waste management and water eutrophication required urgent action.

  • 2

    • 2.1(deed)

      acto masculine
      their actions show them to be untrustworthy sus actos demuestran que no son dignos de confianza
      • my first action would be to call the police lo primero que haría sería llamar a la policía
      • I won't be responsible for my actions if it happens again si vuelve a suceder, yo no respondo de mí
      • Our group largely agreed but added that the police response to our actions would play a decisive role in how far things would escalate.
      • When will she take responsibility for her own actions?
      • There comes a point where you have to take responsibility for your own actions.
      • But there is also a perceived need on the part of governments to build up a momentum in public opinion both to justify its actions and bury awkward questions.
      • Bacon accepts no responsibility for your drunken actions if this is attempted!
      • Our country was founded in response to the actions of an over-reaching, hegemonic empire.
      • A nurse has told a jury she did not feel able to question the actions of a colleague who mistakenly gave a toddler an incorrect injection.
      • Welcome to the real world people, a world of personal responsibility where actions can generate reactions.
      • It's all well and good to perform these actions in response to the alarm clock if that's what happens every day.
      • Increasingly dog-tired and conflicted, his actions often seem those of a guilty man.
      • The scene requires viewers to question the actions and reactions of characters in a highly complex situation.
      • You alone are responsible for your own actions and behavior in life.
      • The legislation will raise further questions in relation to actions open to an employer if a drug test proves positive, he said.
      • The wider issue is the question of the state's behaviour and whether its actions were responsible.
      • It is not your responsibility to control their actions and behavior.
      • Notwithstanding his off-field actions, no one questions Carey's commitment to the concept of team.
      • The consumer is king and it is the consumer who must accept a little more responsibility for the actions of global companies that are only reacting to our whims.
      • The book is a sustained diatribe questioning Churchill's actions from the early 1930s through 1941.
      • However, the actions of corporations do have effects on the environment, society, and culture, etc.
      • They knew that complaining about her actions could raise questions about their conduct and did it anyway.

    • 2.2Physics

      acción feminine
      • He moved the slide action back and forth, checking that the movement was smooth enough to meet his satisfaction.
      • His actions are machined from pre heat-treated 4140 bar stock using all carbide tooling.
      • Most bolt actions will fit the cartridge without bolt modification and bullets up to .35 caliber can be fitted into some variation of the case.

  • 3

    • 3.1Military

      acción (de guerra) feminine
      to go into action entrar en acción / en combate
      • killed/wounded in action muerto/herido en combate
      • to see action combatir
      • Most National Guard and Reservists sign up thinking they'll never see action, let alone deployment overseas.
      • Military action, especially a Nato assault, must be the option of last resort.
      • Wayne's body has never been found, he is listed as missing in action, and presumed to be dead.
      • Military action is but a single prong of a much larger and broader effort to halt the threat of terrorism.
      • His father, a gifted poet who worked in a bank, was killed in action in France in 1917.
      • He saw early action in North Africa, where he was awarded a Military Cross and bar.
      • Those killed in military action are represented as inflicting their own deaths.
      • Cope was one of more than 8,000 Americans missing in action during the Korean War.
      • In each case, only outside military action eventually ended Genocide.
      • A former soldier who was in the thick of the action during the War told how he had met his match - in York.
      • He was wounded in action in Italy in November 1944.
      • As the news of their son's bravery came in, his parents didn't seem surprised that he had been in the thick of the action on the outskirts of the city.
      • Several yeomen are known to have volunteered for service at Waterloo, but no formed units saw action until the Second Boer War.
      • Casualties totaled 77,000 men, which included 8,000 killed in action, 48,000 wounded in action, and 21,000 as prisoners of war or missing in action.
      • Nevertheless, members of this camp believe that the onset of military action might give the market a lift.

    • 3.2Military

      combate masculine

  • 4

    • 4.1(plot)

      acción feminine
      the action takes place in Florence la acción se desarrolla en Florencia
      • Yet, compared to Deus Ex, it seems to have far less action and far more story.
      • The action of the story divides between this rural backdrop and Helsinki, to which Eeva eventually flees.
      • An ability to penetrate the superficialities of the story and action to see the moral truths expressed therein.
      • This film is closely inspired by and links to the story, characters and action of Driver 3.
      • While the action sometimes moved a little too slowly, there were plenty of funny scenes to keep things bubbling along.
      • Ralph the Heir was written in spring and summer 1869 - the same period that the novel's action is set.
      • It is set about two hundred years ago, at the time of the Napoleonic wars; the action takes place mostly in England.
      • As the action moves from Königsberg to Cambridge, such ironies build and become more acute.
      • Yes the story and action is horrific at times but Ray and Kathy put in such excellent performances.
      • Time. Used to define the limits of the story and around which action is organized.
      • Jackson is back for the sequel, playing the tough Security Agency head, and this time the action is set in Washington DC.
      • There isn't actually a lot of dramatic action happening - much of the story revolves around the psychology.

    • 4.2(exciting activity)

      animación feminine
      they went downtown looking for some action fueron al centro en busca de animación
      • On some days it was difficult for visitors to know which way to look because there was just so much exciting wildlife action going on around them.
      • The first sporting action will be at Hampden Park where the football tournament will kick off.
      • It will be in place on match-days so that fans can catch up on the latest Sunday sporting action before and after the Knights home matches.
      • The film is funny and exciting, with non-stop action and set pieces.
      • At one level, the movie is about science fiction, kung fu, firearms and non-stop action.
      • On the eve of his 100th birthday, Gaston suffered a stroke, but it didn't stop his drive to be ‘to be where the action’ was where the action was.
      • So a CEO has to spend time where the action is, or you're not going to get the true picture.
      • Thankfully, that proved to be unfounded and we can continue to savour the prospect of some exciting action.
      • Things got off to a slow start but by mid afternoon there was non stop action.
      • Well chapter 7 is done, and with it the first real action in the story so far, from my point of view at least.
      • My only criticism is that perhaps there could have been a little more exciting action.
      • Exciting racing action throughout the weekend in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia.
      • The pair will present a brand new weekend show covering all the latest sporting action from across the globe.
      • Excitement, glamour, exposure, top sporting action, cash by the barrow-load.
      • Five games on each day of the carnival means that there is non-stop action throughout the weekend.
      • The second half was brimful of exciting action, even if the scoring returns were nothing to crow about.
      • So probably not much exciting, government-toppling action for me sadly.
      • It was a complete jump away from slow-moving stories to one containing action and excitement.
      • It also helped that I play a lot of video games in a similar effort to infuse my life with nonstop action.
      • Hollywood is hot, but this is where the action is and sometimes it is fun to be where the action is.

  • 5

    • 5.1(movement)

      movimiento masculine
      (of a horse) marcha feminine
      • For many years it has been known that rock failure is complex, and results from the many stresses arising from the combined movements and actions of the tooth of a rock bit.
      • What is meant by movement is specific actions of the weapon and body.
      • But their movement and actions are depicted with expressiveness and drama.
      • This workshop was the first phase of a training programme in which the kids learnt how to create expressions, actions and movements of characters.
      • They learn that gestures and actions are a form of communication and begin to say a few ‘real’ words.
      • Christopher also bent down to the parcel, concealing his and her actions with a turned back and diminished movements.
      • The darkness of winter slows the city's heartbeat, making our every action or movement an effort.
      • Some levels will have you performing the same movements and actions for ten minutes only to get you to a room with no purpose.
      • No words, just clean efficient movement and actions.
      • His movements contradicted the others' actions, his steps were graceful and quiet like that of a doe.
      • Her actions and movements sluggish and purposefully so, she has a bad feeling.
      • They do not perform actions, and their movements and modifications are not caused by motives, for the simple reason that they have no minds with which to perceive.
      • Movement and actions were scripted superbly, which is immediately evident when engaged for the first time in battle.
      • Rue fumed silently as he hummed contentedly and she watched him closely, studying his movements and actions.
      • How was it possible for someone as dumb and arrogant as Heath to make me blush with a simple action or word?
      • He doesn't tend to speak, rather communicate in actions and gestures.
      • He was slightly taken back by her action yet returned the gesture, content to have her small frame in his arms.
      • Simple actions and words are put at a premium when they aren't used to buoy a Message of Personal and Social Importance.
      • The actors, in their movements and actions, too remind one of theatrical expressions that are wholly Malayali in origin.
      • It's important to express our love through words and actions, kissing and hugging our children often.

    • 5.2(operation)

      funcionamiento masculine
      biological/chemical action acción biológica/química feminine
      • He could have engaged in military actions short of an outright invasion.
      • He also lists the numerous combat actions in which the United States became involved after the fall of the Soviet Union.
      • In Africa there have been unilateral military actions by states to overthrow despotic governments in neighbouring states.
      • Some of our adversaries are not bound by the laws we value and which regulate U.S. military actions.
      • They sought to wear down the adversary through harassing actions and protracted conflict.
      • Our purpose was to study this great battle to better inform military actions in the future.
      • Third, normally blockade takes the form of systematic naval military actions.
      • It was the beginning of decades of military actions until the wars of independence ended in 1825.
      • Hawks hurriedly flew off to protect Paris but Paris was soon occupied and the Hawk pilots attempted to fight a rearguard action as they retreated from one base to another.
      • But recent weeks have seen a resurgence of armed actions by government opponents.
      • The combined arms battle called for concerted actions by infantry and artillery later joined by tanks and aviation.
      • The doctrine of ‘preemptive’ war will remain in force, and will be used to justify further military actions.
      • Further, subsequent military actions may depend on the effectiveness of a non-lethal attack.
      • ‘This is a disgrace to all those who have legitimately received injuries or died in the combat actions since the first day of the war,’ Robinson said.
      • The murkiness and chaos that attend armed conflict mean military actions are hardly immune to mistake.
      • We had been fighting a rearguard action across France, and we were 30 miles outside Dunkirk when the evacuation began on May 26th.
      • For a long time the concept of combat was synonymous to the concept of military actions.
      • However, other soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines die in combat actions, too.
      • This meant that they were part-time warriors and that spoils of war played a major role in military actions.
      • One was to engage in guerilla actions and wear the enemy down.

    • 5.3(of drug, chemical)

      acción feminine
      efecto masculine
      action on sth acción sobre algo
      • The Hox genes exert this influence by their action on the genes controlling the development of these structures.
      • I think the chemical action of light is to be regarded in this way.
      • Syrup alone may act as a demulcent and provide antitussive action without side effects.
      • Therefore the area of the roadway in question had been subject to the detrimental effects of frost action.
      • That very specificity of chemical action is often a highly prized medicinal property.
      • Onset of action is rapid and side effects include local irritation and unpleasant taste.
      • The precise mechanism of the biological actions of this plant is not fully understood.
      • Prevent major spills which can form a hard glaze and destroy the chemical oxidizing action.
      • Considering the different mechanisms of the action of the two drugs, different protective effects are suggested.
      • For outdoor metal sculpture waxing at least once a year is essential to protect the metal from chemical action.
      • When all the finish is removed, apply a neutralizer to stop the chemical action.
      • Problems included unspecified dosages, unclear information about drug action, and side effects of drugs.
      • The tetrodo-toxin produced has a selective blocking effect on nerve action potentials.
      • This effect could be the consequence of the anti-proliferative action of glucocorticoids.

  • 6

    mecanismo masculine
  • 7

    demanda feminine
    to bring an action against sb ejercitar una acción contra algn
    • These costs can be recovered in a variety of ways: through fines, charges, or civil actions for damages.
    • Here, the contractor was the plaintiff and the owners were the defendants in a lien action.
    • If he fails to do so, he is held liable, whereas in an action for negligence the legal burden in most cases remains throughout on the plaintiff.
    • That case was not concerned with public law but was a civil action for damages.
    • The ability to make comparisons with damages awarded for non-pecuniary losses in personal injury actions would have a salutary effect on libel juries.
    • The first chance event is whether the plaintiff decides to bring an action for common law damages.
    • The Claimant would lose his action against the primary tort feasor and must look to a claim against his solicitors.
    • Would the law of New Zealand that takes away rights of common law actions for personal injuries and puts people on some kind of pension scheme apply?
    • As with other questions in this chapter it also covers a number of the judicial actions in the Community legal order.
    • It must be stressed that it is not for the court to assign a legal classification to the actions brought by the plaintiffs before the national court.
    • There's also a limit on how long after a wrongful act a civil action can be commenced.
    • The claimant brought an action for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment.
    • After his accident in the spring of 1988, Kenneth sued for damages in a civil action.
    • The litigation was an action in the District Court, your Honour, in a commercial matter.
    • The plaintiffs commenced an action in private law for recovery of the money due.
    • He will remain as a defendant and the action will proceed against him and the other three defendants.
    • The company says it has a strong case and intends to fight the action.
    • If a writ in a Queen's Bench action is not issued within the statutory time limit the action cannot proceed.
    • Academic commentators have discussed various possibilities for legal actions, both of a criminal and civil nature.
    • Judicial Watch has filed 92 lawsuits and legal actions against government officials.

transitive verb


  • 1

    poner en marcha informal
    (claim) tramitar
    • Hounslow is trying to ensure that all outstanding work is actioned during the run-up to the implementation of the new computer system.
    • Mr Molony noted that the recommendation last year by the Safety Review Group that research should be undertaken into helmets had been actioned.
    • Those recommendations have now been actioned.
    • However, initial thoughts are that a local merger could perhaps be actioned and would clearly simplify existing structures.
    • The funding allows core programmes set up over the last 2 years to grow, and new initiatives to be actioned.
    • Both of these recommendations have been actioned.
    • I have put in an application to pay child maintenance but they have not actioned that application.
    • I have made numerous calls to the so called Help Line and nothing is ever actioned.
    • The issue was not one of releasability per se - more that each individual in the chain felt beholden to check the releasability of the information before actioning any requests.
    • Anything that is pressed on the keyboard while it is in sleep mode, however, is finally actioned after the computer has detected it again.
    • That is why I actioned the share transfer of 6,250 shares.
    • However, for some reason, it was not allocated to a specific member of staff and he could not say why the instruction to update the records was not actioned.
    • If you had a standard monthly payment for the same amount each month, then your request could be actioned.
    • The letter was actioned by the Milton Keynes Council and endorsed accordingly 8th April 2002.
    • We received separate complaints about flytipping in this area on Tuesday and Wednesday in this area and this will be actioned.
    • While some comments were just plain amusing, the more serious ones had been actioned where possible by the management, or a note had been put in explaining why the suggestion could not be acted on.
    • But, until the plan is actioned, there is still some Monday stretched out behind and ahead of me.
    • It's not unusual for someone to arrive at the service with court documents that need to be actioned quite soon after the appointment.
    • I like papers that need actioning to be actioned and then filed.
    • Every test required was actioned quickly with results received within a short time. The first paramedic even called back to the hospital later to check all was well.