Translation of adapt in Spanish:


adaptar, v.

Pronunciation: /əˈdæpt//əˈdapt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    the seat can be adapted to fit any car el asiento se adapta a cualquier modelo de coche
    • to adapt a novel/play for television adaptar una novela/obra para la televisión
    • we adapt our methods to the students' needs adaptamos nuestros métodos a las necesidades de los alumnos
    • to adapt oneself amoldarse
    • We will make these available in a format that you can download, so you can modify or adapt them as needed.
    • Indeed, the procedures and trappings of the hunt were adapted for military purposes.
    • Individual countries can no longer adapt monetary policy to suit their particular economic situation.
    • The building's original gymnasium space and kitchens were adapted for Church use.
    • Computer manufacturers routinely gave machines to schools at a discount or without cost, but adapting them to educational purposes proved difficult.
    • The long claws, strong leg and shoulder muscles of these bears are well adapted for digging dens and food.
    • We use a unique approach to training, adapting our delivery to suit individual groups.
    • The minibuses are specially adapted for wheelchair users and the timescale to obtain a replacement is four to six months.
    • In the current investigation, a number of existing measures were adapted for use.
    • She then adapts the design to suit the individual.
    • In modern Africa large oil drums are often adapted for the purpose.
    • The first pair were adapted for feeding, the next four were walking legs, and the most posterior pair formed large swimming paddles.
    • Birds use them for flight, and they are exquisitely adapted for flight in their subtlest details.
    • After several years of tests, they are now modifying and adapting the system to their individual enterprises.
    • Before the internal combustion engine was adapted for use in fishing boats, human strength was the only means of conquering the seas.
    • An existing in-house induction programme was adapted for the company's overseas staff.
    • But, for a historian, he seems incredibly obtuse about the process of historical change, particularly the way each culture adapts ideas to suit its own purposes.
    • I also reserve the right to modify and adapt elements of the winning design both now and in the future.
    • Many of them flourish in a broad range of habitats, and nearly all of them are adapted for wide dispersal.
    • The ability to adapt organisational culture to suit individual needs takes many shapes and forms.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to adapt to sth/ -ing adaptarse a algo/+ inf
    • she can't adapt to living alone no puede adaptarse a vivir sola