Translation of adder in Spanish:


víbora, n.

Pronunciation /ˈædər//ˈadə/


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    víbora feminine
    • The mating system and spacing pattern of adders largely agree with those of sand lizards.
    • Frogs, toads, lizards and foot-long slow worms are common in the area, as well as poisonous adders.
    • The most interesting part was when the lecturer talked about a character called William Bunting, who used to catch wild adders to feed to the mongooses at London Zoo.
    • There are also reptiles, like adders or grass snakes, slow-worms and lizards that are prone to fire damage because they cannot get out quickly enough.
    • Along with the loss of heather and cottongrass, birds such as the nightjar, woodlark and stone curlew and animals including the adder, grass snake, and viviparous lizard have been put at risk.