Translation of advancement in Spanish:


fomento, n.

Pronunciation /ədˈvænsmənt//ədˈvɑːnsm(ə)nt/


  • 1

    fomento masculine
    the advancement of learning el fomento de la cultura
    • the group works for the advancement of minorities el grupo trabaja para mejorar la posición de las minorías
    • The future advancement of socialism needs input from young activists.
    • The motion also seeks to locally effect all international statutes that promote women's advancement and protection.
    • The Estonian American community has established a number of institutions to promote advancement in scholarship and education.
    • Yet this is a state committed to racial equality, and to promoting black advancement, individually and collectively.
    • The office is charged with promoting women's advancement and empowerment in Virgin Islands society.
    • I think all people interested in social issues and social advancement for the majority of people, have got to take some notice of that and the impact that it's having.
    • To assume that relevant data exist is to beg all the questions relating to the entrepreneurial process of discovering new avenues of advancement.
    • Until recently, public life was based on the contest between left and right - between different visions of guaranteeing social advancement for all.
    • Mr Pande said governments should formulate laws and plans for the advancement of local entrepreneurs to take up the running of the tourism sector.
    • He sits on the board of the Equipment Management Council, which devotes itself to promoting the training and advancement of its members.
    • The first is that the economic and social advancement of Maori is critical to New Zealand's future growth, prosperity, and well-being.
    • There is no reservation in jobs, no help with education and no program for the social and economic advancement of minorities.
    • He insisted that the meeting was designed to ensure the advancement of the integration process and to examine the overall future development of the community.
    • Nor does it bode well for Canada's economic advancement or political process, which thrives on a well-educated electorate.
    • To him, philanthropy meant community advancement, and community advancement must be the business of all citizens.
    • Programme evaluation is critically important to the advancement of correctional rehabilitation knowledge.
    • His passion for the maintenance and advancement of world peace is most evident in the creation of the nonprofit Carter Center in Atlanta in 1982.
    • As individuals, as communities and as the nation we should adopt an attitude of self-reliance for social upliftment and advancement.
    • For both groups, women's social influence and political advancement was at stake.
  • 2formal

    (in rank)
    ascenso masculine
    • They also creating weak ties among individuals - which may contribute to career advancement.
    • A person in one service is unlikely to transfer to another for career advancement.
    • These inclinations are apt to be familiar to the many reporters, editors and pundits who feel that career advancement is extremely important.
    • In Wales it remained common even in the thirteenth century, and as late as the mid-twelfth was apparently no bar to advancement through the ranks of the higher clergy.
    • There are plenty of opportunities for career advancement, but only those who know they'll be absolutely dedicated should join.
    • By making yourself visible you automatically increase your career advancement opportunities.
    • An assumption exists in this research, and in other research that looks at career advancement, that everyone aspires to promotion.
    • It brought an embarrassing public conclusion to a failed bid for status advancement.
    • Many news organizations demand a pronounced commitment to diversity as a requirement for career advancement.
    • Inequalities still exist: in pay, career advancement and in ‘the double burden’ of paid work and housework.
    • I've read a few other biographies that point to the same synergy between civic involvement and career advancement.
    • It is an exciting business sector with excellent opportunities for career advancement.
    • Opportunities for advancement and promotion are vast for the dedicated, productive hard worker.
    • They give their employees opportunities for advancement and assist in career building.
    • I saw this as a major career advancement, and jumped at the opportunity.
    • He positions the party as a vehicle for career advancement, and not one for the betterment of our society.
    • Those who had were not always selected for rapid advancement to senior rank.
    • It's just that their conception of what constitutes support is limited very narrowly to career advancement.
    • For women, career advancement often means personal sacrifices.
    • David, political parties have always been vehicles for career advancement as well as containing people who sought the betterment of society.