Translation of advantage in Spanish:


ventaja, n.

Pronunciation /ədˈvæn(t)ɪdʒ//ədˈvɑːntɪdʒ/


  • 1

    (superior factor)
    ventaja feminine
    she had the advantage of knowing the language tenía la ventaja de saber el idioma
    • to have an advantage over sb tener ventaja sobre algn
    • her experience gives her an advantage over me su experiencia la coloca en una situación de ventaja con respecto a mí
    • [ S ]knowledge of German an advantage se valorarán conocimientos de alemán
    • Stop-start town traffic gave an advantage to the hybrids, with the Prius, which can run solely on its electric motor at slow speeds, far in the lead.
    • Both features have their advantages, but they are certainly not new in the 18th century.
    • Moreover, the advantages of practicing simple but effective steps at home are also explained.
    • This feature offers distinct advantages over the one-way system, but also at a higher cost.
    • We must, however, clearly define and identify our competitive advantage - the features and benefits that make the product unique.
    • He said that this was an exciting challenge for him and the fact that this was a planned town was an advantage.
    • Vending machines offer the advantages of convenience, hygiene and consistency in taste.
    • There are good constitutional reasons for this independence, as well as practical advantages.
    • A set of regulations should also be set up to support academic fields in which Taiwan has advantages or special features.
    • This feature will have advantages for customers in the pharmaceutical industry, where speed is critical.
    • This results in major advantages of microwaves over conventional ovens.
    • That's not to say the moderate viewpoint is without its practical advantages.
    • However, despite the advantages, the Town Engineer added that there were bound to be some dissenting voices.
    • The closeness of Swinford to Knock Airport should continue to be a huge advantage to the town in the future.
    • This feature provides a significant advantage for children over the general law on confidentiality.
    • There would be clear advantages to locating both services in the one centre, however, if the project were to be approved.
    • It's got to be an advantage for the town and it means more people could leave their cars at home and use public transport.
    • The great advantage of the town bus was that the tickets could be used several times daily free of extra charge.
    • It is indeed an advantage to this expanding town.
    • Chan cites numerous advantages these features have offered the firm over the years.
  • 2

    he may find the new situation more to his advantage puede ser que la nueva situación le resulte más ventajosa
    • she took full advantage of the opportunity aprovechó al máximo la oportunidad
  • 3

    (in tennis)
    ventaja feminine
    advantage Williams ventaja Williams
    • Henman races to three set points but Udomchoke gets a stay of execution as the Briton lets slip his advantage for deuce.
    • Is it 30 all, deuce, advantage to them or set point to me?

transitive verb

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