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    (on radio, television) anuncio masculine
    (on radio, television) spot (publicitario) masculine
    (on radio, television) aviso masculine Latin America
    (on radio, television) réclame masculine Latin America
    (on radio, television) reclame masculine River Plate
    (in newspaper) anuncio masculine
    (in newspaper) aviso masculine Latin America
    a shampoo advertisement un anuncio (or spot etc.) de champú
    • an advertisement for shampoo un anuncio (or spot etc.) de champú
    • while the advertisements are on mientras pasan los anuncios / la publicidad
    • we put in an advertisement for our car pusimos un anuncio para vender el coche
    • an advertisement for two secretaries/teaching posts un anuncio solicitando dos secretarias/ofreciendo dos puestos de profesor
    • she's a good advertisement for vegetarianism su salud dice mucho en favor del vegetarianismo
    • The sports star will do TV advertisements for the candidate.
    • Brightly-coloured neon signs are mostly used as rooftop advertisements for hotels or other commercial institutions.
    • But advertisements for massage services will continue to appear in the paper.
    • That is why so many advertisements for products consist of nothing more than the name of the product and perhaps a smiling face.
    • Students created advertisements for their products, and they also learned how to make change.
    • Over the years, I've noticed various advertisements for customised designer beds.
    • Most advertisements for baby products suggest that what's good for baby is also pretty good for mum.
    • The advertisements for promoting television sets also help in achieving a boost in overall sales.
    • All advertisements for cosmetic surgery should also carry clear health warnings, she added.
    • Our public service advertisements continue to appear in national magazines.
    • As a result, cigarette makers do not need to design different packages and advertisements for each state.
    • And nowhere is this science more exciting than in the advertisements for personal care products.
    • Littered throughout today's newspapers there are job advertisements for positions in the public service.
    • And scores of promos through print and television advertisements announce the arrival of new films.
    • City pages of newspapers are filled with high visibility advertisements for new products.
    • In recent weeks, the Daily Bugle has printed more than a dozen large advertisements for cigarettes.
    • They have produced advertisements for beers, cosmetics, stores and movies.
    • It features advertisements for equipment sales, as well as bands searching for musicians and various other items.
    • It has produced non-commercial public service advertisements, including ones for the 1999 election.
    • He would frequently answer advertisements for rental vacancies, but no landlord would offer his family a spot.
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    anuncio masculine
    divulgación feminine