Translation of advisable in Spanish:


aconsejable, adj.

Pronunciation /ədˈvaɪzəb(ə)l//ədˈvʌɪzəb(ə)l/


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    (course of action/precaution) aconsejable
    (course of action/precaution) conveniente
    it is advisable to book a seat es aconsejable / se aconseja reservar un asiento
    • it wouldn't be advisable to approach him now no sería prudente proponérselo ahora
    • As copies are selling very quickly it is advisable to purchase one without delay.
    • It is not advisable to let young children out at night and they should always be supervised whenever possible.
    • But for aficionados of charmless architecture, it would be advisable to move fast.
    • Supplemental oxygen is not required to climb it, but good brakes in your car are advisable.
    • All those interested in taking part should note that early booking is advisable.
    • In fact, it is advisable to be cautious and consult a doctor prior to departure.
    • It is also not advisable to consolidate debts by repeatedly remortgaging.
    • The courses at present are heavily booked so it is advisable to put your name down early.
    • There are other questions raised about whether it is advisable to have government so close to the funding of the arts.
    • Art classes for the retired are now commencing in the Nursing home and booking is advisable.
    • Childcare will be provided but places are limited so early booking is advisable.
    • Again, it's advisable to talk to other parents and to follow up recommendations.
    • Advance booking is always advisable but you can of course always take a chance on the day itself.
    • This may be advisable if you are likely to be carried away by the proceedings and bid over your upper limit.
    • Would it be advisable to convert our savings into euros to avoid loss?
    • It is advisable to drink lots of water and losing weight helps a lot.
    • As our numbers are increasing it is advisable to book your time as early as possible during the week.
    • There are no booking arrangements, so it is advisable for patrons to come early and get seats.
    • It may also be advisable to carry an emergency card or bracelet to alert others of the allergy.
    • I know also that wearing a helmet is not compulsory - but that it is advisable for obvious reasons.