Translation of adviser in Spanish:


consejero, n.


Pronunciation /ədˈvaɪzər//ədˈvʌɪzə/


  • 1

    consejero masculine
    consejera feminine
    (professional) asesor masculine
    (professional) asesora feminine
    spiritual adviser consejero espiritual
    • financial adviser asesora financiera
    • adviser to sb consejero / asesor de algn
    • He runs an engraving business in Halifax and is an adviser to Halifax Rugby League Football Club.
    • Presently, he has his hands full as an adviser to European Parliament on Guatanemo Bay.
    • She was phoned back not by the MP, but by a special adviser to the secretary of state.
    • He's since gone on to chronicle his experiences in a book, and of course act as advisor in the movie.
    • In the past he has been an adviser to the New Zealand and Russian Governments on pensions policy.
    • An adviser to the Royal Mail has been involved in discussions with major banks.
    • His wide experience has made him a top adviser to the Home Office and the police.
    • He continues to serve as a senior adviser to the Ministry of the Interior.
    • At the moment I am an adviser to the Minister of the Interior, but I will be quitting soon.
    • He was the artistic adviser to the Queen, and he had certain proclivities, which they all had.
    • I suggest your friend either contact a tax adviser to work out the liability or go directly to her own inspector of taxes.
    • A leading adviser to the Chancellor of the Exchequer was due in Bradford today to talk to trade unionists.
    • Strangely, he is the adviser to the transport department whose services the police use.
    • He is now a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and an adviser to the Pentagon.
    • The former chartered accountant has also been an adviser to the Scottish Executive.
    • There is no way that the chief adviser to the president is going to be someone out on bail.
    • Picture my surprise when I read the suggestion that he could have been a health adviser to the Blair government.
    • He had stepped down as an adviser to the board of Leeds United days earlier.
    • He spent 30 years as an adviser to the Treasury, working closely with nine chancellors.
    • He was a specialist adviser to the malaria consortium programme to promote malaria control strategies.
    • He also acted as an adviser to doctors involved in partnership disputes.