Translation of advocacy in Spanish:


defensa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈædvəkəsi//ˈadvəkəsi/



  • 1

    defensa feminine
    propugnación feminine formal
    advocacy of sth/sb defensa de algo/algn
    • His advocacy of public-private partnerships has also been a leitmotif of his Treasury years.
    • Nevertheless, it highlights the dangers of naive advocacy of urban consolidation as a panacea.
    • This is a woman of some strange but fiercely-held opinions, who is zealous in her advocacy of animal rights.
    • His bullish and untiring advocacy of the Government and its policies may not be to everyone's taste.
    • The government wanted an unclassified document on which it could draw in its advocacy of its policy.
    • I am not in favour of the State getting involved in advocacy of this sort, Minister.
    • The guy has become rich and famous through public advocacy of an unhealthy lifestyle.
    • Civic awareness can take a number of forms, from advocacy of a democratic constitution to worker education.
    • One key element in this regard involved the movement's advocacy of Arab unity.
    • I had not realized that advocacy of human nature was still so politically incorrect.
    • His advocacy of a Popular Front saw him expelled from the party in 1939.
    • Nor should we forget his long-standing advocacy of studying material culture.
    • This story notably does not mention any advocacy of involuntary organ donation.
    • It promised ruthless pragmatism about means, but has become dogmatic in its advocacy of the private sector.
    • He also pointed to his advocacy of democracy and the end of the regime there.
    • There is indeed scope for persuasion and advocacy of tolerance, and much has changed in this respect.
    • After the return of the students, he continued his advocacy of reforms.
    • His advocacy of free market principles has had a significant impact on governments and people across the globe.
    • Wearing another hat, he is also well known in these columns for his advocacy of the death penalty.
    • He is outspoken in advocacy of the death penalty, an issue over which I have respectfully jousted with him twice.