Translation of Aegean in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɪˈdʒiːən//iːˈdʒiːən//əˈdʒiən/


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    the Aegean (Sea) el (mar) Egeo
    • before noun the Aegean Islands las islas del Egeo
    • The view of the Aegean from the Hora is breath taking.
    • Turkey and Greece are continuing contacts to find resolutions to their issues over the Aegean.
    • On September 23 1942 he took off from an airfield near Alexandria on a solo reconnaissance over the Aegean.
    • Recently, a displacement of > = 100 km was proposed for the Cretan detachment in the Aegean.
    • Diplomatic and military experts from both sides of the Aegean hold regular talks.
    • The League was successful in its immediate aim of driving the Persians from the northern Aegean.
    • Crete is an island at the south end of the Aegean.
    • Julie Summers sings the praises of the scenic diving to be enjoyed off the rocky shores of Fethiye, in the Turkish Aegean.
    • Some had crossed the Aegean to the eastern lowlands of Greece; others went to Crete and southern Italy.
    • In any scenario, the resulting disappearance of one of the Aegean's great city-states is beyond dispute.
    • This was an "all-inclusive" stay at one of 10 beach resorts which operate in the Mediterranean and Aegean under the Mark Warner banner.
    • An extensive Bronze Age settlement on the northern coast of the Cycladic island of Melos in the southern Aegean, Greece.
    • In 490 a Persian expeditionary force sailed across the Aegean.
    • Fauna such as anemones, gorgonia and lace corals thrive in the caverns and tunnels of the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean.
    • In 490 he sent a fleet across the Aegean to Marathon.
    • With more the 300 days of sunshine Rhodes is the pearl of the Aegean.
    • In ancient Greece much of the economy relied on slaves and the sacred island of Delos served as the main slave market of the Aegean.
    • The whitewashed buildings of the main town are perched on the crater rim, thousands of feet above the Aegean.
    • The US 6th Fleet will be in the Aegean, patrolling the seas.
    • Each open-plan studio has its own large terrace, where you can enjoy lengthy sunsets across the Aegean.